30 January 2017


'Is This The Hand of G–d?’

Odd-shaped clouds spark a social media storm in Mexico where weird formations in the sky leave people baffled. 

A cloud, shaped like the arm and hand of a giant, was spotted in the town of Uruapan in the western Mexican state of Michoacan - and had residents debating whether it was a sign from above. A video of the bizarre sight was uploaded to social media and saw many people line up to comment. Source: DailyMail. [no link cause of pics]

Well, we Jews know that this is NOT the Hand of Hashem; however, a sign, a siman, it might be.

And here is a video of a similar event:

Skip the beginning words, go to :041 to see this also in Sao Paulo Brazil on 26 January. 

Plus harken to the words of Binyamin at Tomer Devora, an audio translation of Binyamin, “Rely Only on Hashem."

Also recommended: Hint to Nibiru in which is included an interesting video on Venus.

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