14 January 2017

Tochacha! For Our Generation of Jews – Must Listen and Take into Your Heart

Excellent, Superb Shiur by Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi, who gives remarkable Tochacha to our Jewish Brothers and Sisters in our present generation, in Beit Shemesh, Israel 
(part of his lecture series in Eretz Yisrael)


Anonymous said...

Read "Getting Through the End of Days":

Neshama said...

Thank you for the link. It reads beautifully. May I use this in one of my posts on this blog?

Anonymous said...

Sure. On one condition, you write at the end of the article, "regarding the damaging effects of loshon hora, see Life Insurance and Loshon Hora (http://bit.ly/2gj2CoV)"

Gavriela Dvorah said...

Sorry, but I seriously disagree with what he says about making aliyah and this is one of my chief problems with the Rav. We do not need to be down on our luck, close to living on the street, a bunch of poor saps to make aliyah. We come from successful lives, with good parnosa and we come here to live in the Holy Land, to be closer to HaShem. He is simply justifying his reasons for staying in amerika and I cannot believe he actually is speaking these words to one of the most aliyah-rich communities in Israel. k'val because it detracts from everything else he may have to say.

Neshama said...

dvorah, thank you for your comments. What the Rabbi said was that it is an INDIVIDUAL decision based on the person/family’s situation, both financially and emotionally. I agree that the more Jews in Israel is better for everyone. But not everyone who makes Aliya is ready for the challenge.

The Rabbi said (based on Rabbinic consultations) that a family needs to know what their financial situation will be, to preclude after 5, 6, 8 years of struggling eventually moving back to their host countries, incurring mountains of debts in the process.

There is a very high percentage of singles that move here with high expectations/idealism, as is expected of their age, that return because of parnasa and missing family; and some commit suicide. Sometimes the children in families DO NOT adjust and that causes extreme stress and strain on the entire family - so the age when they move here is very important. Even the Jewish Agency, when someone approaches them, or Nefesh b'Nefesh with their rigorous screening process, does just that screens the prospective olim for their ability to succeed in absorption.

Yes, there are many situations where both parents are very flexible, and do what is necessary enabling them and their families to succeed in settling here. But what happens when one parent becomes broken and disillusioned and unable to adjust? Or when one parent suddenly loses his/her parnasa? Or a child goes ‘off the derech’?

The Torah says that the mitzvah of living in Eretz Yisrael is earned through hardship.
One needs to know this is a reality of the process of Aliya.

dvora, I too believe that Jews belong in Eretz Yisrael; the process is still unfolding, and Mashiach is still not revealed.

Neshama said...

Anonymous, there is an open [ bracken in footnote 17. Where should the closed ] bracket belong?