23 January 2017

Special Announcement


I have been wondering for some time now, and on Shabbat my husband and I discussed it. Now I know what was penetrating my thoughts, min HaShamayim:

"Yered (ירד), implying “descent.” According to one opinion, Miriam gave him this name, for because of him she went down (yarad) to the Nile to see what would become of him. Alternatively, Moses was called this name because he brought the Torah down to the Jewish people, and the Divine Presence back down to this physical world."


IY"H that Jared, Yered, is 
Mashiach ben Yosef"!!

My last comment on Dov bar Leib’s blog was:

There is a reason that Hashem is showering this beautiful young couple with grace, chein, riches, and a powerful government position. The world is changing, and as we know all that happens in the world is only because of His children, Am Yisrael. There should be excitement in the air, despite all the negative noise – the same noise we hear on Yom Kippur – to confuse the Satan.

And now the matter is known to me:

The “noise to confuse the Satan” was the bringing into power Donald J. Trump, and the noise was the opposition which truly confused the evil, but in His Infinite Wisdom, created the foundation for the entrance into the realm of specialness, his son-in-law.


With all my heart I hope this is the Will of Hashem. Time will tell, we need to keep an open mind and heart in this matter.


Anonymous said...

But, will Netanyahu try hard to remain in Mitzrayim, like so many Jews did 3300 years ago? Even though he is physically in Israel and its prime minister he has not rid himself of the exile mentality of 2000 yrs like so many Jews there and abroad. Jared will have to see through this smokescreen of Netanyahu's "coordination" and deal with this. If we see movement on the embassy again, then you know that Jared has been given wise discernment from above and has not been won over by oratory of a politician who happened to talk his way to the leadership of Israel.

Neshama said...

Yes, that is what I wrote on Reb Dov's blog, that his intransigence would end up being an impediment to the Geula.

Ploni ben Ploni said...

See http://www.sefaria.org/Megillah.13a?lang=bi

Neshama said...

Thank you Ploni ben Ploni.