10 January 2017

Everyone Knew What Obama Wanted to Do to Israel . . .

Everyone knew what Obama wanted to do to Israel

. . . on his way out of office. The only difference between Clinton following him into the White House or Trump was just how fast he would have to do it. Unquestionably, Trump’s victory at the polls and his seemingly unabashedly positive attitude towards the Jewish state has turned the fire up under Obama. One can only imagine the phone calls and diplomacy secretly orchestrated by the White House once Trump won to set in motion Obama’s pro-Arab, anti-Israel approach to Middle-East peace.

Clearly, the Obama Administration is working furiously behind the scenes to lock Trump into his predecessor’s vision of a Middle-East settlement.

Politicians are supposed to be objective and work towards the greater good. Politicians, however, are human and possess evil inclinations. Many people go into politics just because of their yetzer haras. They have big egos. They are narcissistic. They crave power. They lust for money. Politics has become, especially in Washington, a good venue to satisfy all of these tendencies. And, they make it into power and remain there because many of the people they “serve” have similar tendencies, which the craftiest of politicians know how to exploit to their own end.

Looking at Obama and Kerry, one can feel their over-sized egos. Hearing them speak, one can sense their narcissism. Seeing their approach to world politics, and in particular Israel, one can “taste” their disdain for any dissenting opinion or approach to future history. And yes, there is anti-Semitism mixed in there as well, regardless of how much America has given Israel over the years. To this day, the US State Department still believes that the formation of the Jewish State back in 1948 was a catastrophic historical mistake. Given the current world situation, it feels this way more than ever before.

Does any one really believe that “Mein Kempf” has become a German bestseller at this time by coincidence? It would have been earlier, had there not previously been a ban on the book in Germany. There hasn’t been in the West Bank though, where translated versions of it and “Protocols” have been bestsellers for years. What is the Divine Providence in that?

And, when 70 (a strangely Biblical reference) nations gather together on January 15, just before Trump takes control of American foreign policy, to officially recognize a Palestinian state, Obama, Kerry, and the rest of their cohorts will have taken their final and fatal lunge at Israel and the Jewish people. After making sure through the UN that everything beyond the 1967 borders is legally stripped away from the Jewish state, they are now making sure to give it to the Arabs free of any conditions. Obama has Israel’s back all right, but only because of the knife he put there and is still holding onto.

Jerusalem, of course, remains defiant. It has never had any reason to respect the UN, only to suspect it. The only reason why the UN voted Israel into existence in 1948, and only by a narrow margin, was because of the cajoling by President Harry Truman. Even Greece voted against the new Jewish State at the time. The UN may hold itself in high esteem, but not Israel. Compliance with UN resolutions that threaten the future of the Jewish people is just not an option.

If this is a chess game, and it is, each side has to be contemplating its own version of check mate at all times. We’re not talking about amateur chess players who barely plan one move ahead. This is not about politicians who focus mostly on not losing. This is about leaders who live on the offensive, who plan their moves well into the future on their way to winning big. They may not have revealed their long term agenda to the world yet but it is there, and has been for a long time now.

Perhaps they thought that putting Herzog into power in Israel would allow the Jewish people to roll over and die on their own, quietly. Netanyahu won instead, crushing that dream. Perhaps they calculated that a Clinton Administration could manipulate a Netanyahu government into some level of submission to international pressure for a two-state solution, but that dissipated with a Trump victory. Desperate, and with time running out, they now move in the direction of the military option.

A master chess player does not have to see the tanks and planes coming to know that they are on their way. He knows that once the decision is made, mobilization can be quite instantaneous. Therefore, he tries to anticipate what may precipitate such a decision, and work to prevent that from happening. Now that the UN has officially made all Israeli land acquisitions beyond the 67 borders illegal, and will soon vote a Palestinian state into existence, the military option will become ever so much more likely, should Israel defend itself.

It is about now (actually, it is already very late) that we should open our Tanachs and Midrashim and read the script. They laughed when people claimed that Obama could be Gog. They’re still laughing. So is Obama though, as he plows forward in fulfillment, to the letter, of ancient End-of-Days' prophecies. Don’t believe it? Won’t believe it?

Brilliantly written by Rabbi Pinchas Winston Shlit”a, visit thirty-six.org to see an array of his books and writings. Like he wrote, it is time to read over the T’Nach and Midrashim, and the Rabbi’s writings.


Devash said...

I think the idea that this is a last slap by Obama is a terrible misconception. I think Obama and Kerry are actually laying the springboard for launching Trump's initiative. It's all part of a diabolical plan like working hand-in-glove. My opinion. We won't have long to wait to find out the truth.

Neshama said...

Devash, thank you for commenting. Yes, you are right. Read today’s post from Rabbi Winston.