23 December 2015

Tyranny and Perverted Justice with UPDATE VIDEO

“There is no crueler tyranny ‘than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of Justice.”
French lawyer-philosopher
Georges Montesquieu

I sincerely hope that this issue does not disappear from the media and the ISA either releases the boys because of lack of evidence for a trial, or a trial is held to aquit them. And that there is an true investigation with reforms instituted in the Jewish Division of the Shin Bet.

UPDATE: Video from Tel Aviv Reenactment of ISA Torture Techniques. Link: HERE

Bennett: Duma suspects 'tried to dismantle Israel. Jewish Home leader defends Shin Bet interrogation of suspects, says they prevented 'Duma 2.’ [...] ”What stands before us today is whether we take responsibility for the state of Israel," […] "We need to take responsibility for the state, we are no longer individuals.” Allowing immoral and illegal  measures (whether approved by the leftist Supreme Court) is the height of hypocrisy: 

'There is no justification for sadism, Bennett’ .  Lawyer Keidar criticizes Jewish Home head, noting he has first-hand evidence of torture in Duma case, Shin Bet never denied using violence […. ] "I heard and saw first-hand what is happening in the investigation room, unlike you (Bennett) who are fed by claims being voiced by second-person and third-person sources," wrote Keidar [.…] "In these circumstances we found the need to turn to you while expressing discontent at this premature and artificial backing (for the ISA)," concluded the lawyer.

The fear expressed as ‘dismantling Israel’ is a fear of losing control, a fear of governance under the Torah, of values of moral responsibility and ethical justice as contained in Halacha.

“Every day it rises up a notchI didn’t sleep tonight and I won’t sleep tomorrow night unless something is going to change,” one detainee said in court on Sunday, according to Israeli daily Haaretz. “They are interrogating me violently over something I can’t help them with because I don’t know.” [...] “A whole night they abused me and we didn’t make any progress because I can’t help them. Now the abuse will only grow worse. I scream like I’m retarded, cry like a baby, and they laugh: ‘Murderer, murderer.’ Where will I escape to?… This is the worst disgrace the State of Israel has ever committed against a person,” the detainee told the judge.

Attorney tells 'naive' Bennett: 'Talk to released detainees. Responding to condemnation, Ben-Gvir calls not to outright accept Shin Bet briefings, talk to released suspects who 'are now on sedatives.’


Jerusalem Post headlines reflect a sampling of the deterioration in Israeli society. 

Yaalon: Failure to put Duma attackers on trial could ‘set region on fire'. “They could carry out additional terrorist acts and murder innocents, setting the region on fire,” [...] “We are obligated to fight these terrorist activities. They violate our values and they are dangerous to us all.”

What are “our values” that he speaks of? Tyranny, persecution, abuse, torture? 

(Devarim 8: 1-9). [T]he Torah warns not to forget that the bounty comes from Hashem and that one should not say in his heart: "My strength and the power of my hand made for me all of this chayil" (ibid.: 17).

Yirmeyahu extends this phenomenon to the realm of intellect: "Let the wise not pride himself in his wisdom, let the brave not pride himself in his bravery, and let the wealthy not pride himself in his wealth" (Yirmeyahu 9:22). After mentioning the danger of abuses in those three areas, Yeshayahu warns also judges not to abuse the power associated with their high position (Yeshayahu 9:22).

Tear gas thrown at Palestinian home in ‘price tag’ attack. How coincidental (there are no coincidences), at a time when the Shin Bet is under harsh criticism for abusive measures there should be another similar incident? Was this a setup by the Shin Bet, or was it a message that there are others responsible for Duma and they are persecuting the wrong boys?

"price tag" graffiti nearby, "Revenge, regards - the prisoners of Zion".

Another symptom of the fuzziness of (im)Moral Equivalence Poisoning Israel

Michael Freund wrote a blazing article, Putting the villain before the victim: The immorality of treating terrorists first. Perverted leftist ideology has even infiltrated the emergency 'MDA Life-Saving First Responders' for Israeli victims of Palestinian stabbing and car-ramming attacks. It seems a left-wing outfit called Physicians for Human Rights complained about who treats who after a terrorist attack, meaning why treat Israelis first and then the perpetrator. So, the IMA decided to treat the injured according to severity of wounds, meaning they would treat the perpetrator before a Jew even if it was deleterious to the Jew.

ZAKA which is primarily composed of religious Jews, declared, “We direct ZAKA volunteers to first treat the Jewish victims of a terror attack without blinking an eye.”

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DS said...

WOW, I LOVE THOSE PICTURES! What Tzaddikim, these boys, it is written all over their shiny faces. No wonder they were singled out. They are too good for this degenerate nation, which cannot handle so much light in its midst, it might burn the Reshaim with the light of the Shechinah, like the Rashbi used to do.

I will post a link to your post on my blog, OK?