17 December 2015

Amazing Photos of Hashem's Creatures

Can Insects Be Cute?

Below are Snapdragon photos from dailymail.co.uk* 

Too cute for words. 

The intimidating-looking insects were photographed early in the morning sitting motionless on plants and flowers. The creatures sit on the plants in the mornings waiting for the dew on their wings to dry and the temperatures to rise, Roberto Aldrovandi, 46, said the early morning conditions allow him to photograph them before they flew away.

This appears to be a family photo, the kids are far left and far right, also differing colors.

If you look closely, you can see one with a 'hand' on his partner, after spending the night together. And notice they are different colors. Gotta laugh at this.

And of all places, I found these lovely photos on Haaretz of Israeli animals:

Possibly a Baby Deer

Possibly a Wild Rabbit

*no link for dailymail as the site is not really appropriate,
but occasionally I find lovely photos of
animals and nature, which I find very interesting.

1 comment:

Elly said...

The bugs are absolutely adorable. They are posing like a happy family. Precious.

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