07 December 2015

Chanukah First Light, Rabbi Mizrachi on Chanukah, the Greeks, HaShem, and Divine Justice

A very good explanation of the situation of the Jews under the Greeks and the inside meaning of Chanukah (2014)

Free Choice, Difference between 'time' for us and 'Time' for HaShem (Ramban and Einstein),
Torah is Free Choice
The 'Second' HaShem created the world is the same 'Second' it ended
The Arab conflict between free choice and Min-haAllah (only according to G–D)
The Greeks: G–D does not know the future
Greeks were the expert Scientists of the time
And secrets or revelations in the Torah
The brilliance of Rashi

All this in the first 54 minutes of the shiur:

The remainder of the Shiur is more on Parshat Vayeshev (also interesting)
About Yosef Hatzadik, Concept of murder in the Torah vis-a-vis free choice and Divine Justice

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