20 December 2015

"They hung me upside down by hands and burned them,"

 What Are They Really Doing to These Youths?
Is This the Israel Security Agency (ISA) or ISIS?
The Truth Must be Heard
Justice Must Prevail
The State of Israel Will be Judged for Torturing Israeli Youth 

Israel Security Agency (ISA or Shin Bet) abuse of the suspects in the Duma arson case was so cruel that one suspect attempted to commit suicide, it was revealed during a court hearing Sunday.

One of the youths the ISA arrested in the controversial case showed signs of depression before the court hearing, it was revealed Sunday, and the district psychiatrist ordered him under close observation. The psychiatric counselor determined that the suicidal suspect had been driven into severe depression and traumatic stress as a result of the investigation; he also had been prescribed sleeping pills by a doctor in his detention center due to sleep deprivation related to interrogation and torture.

The youth begged Justice Erez Nurieli at every court session to have mercy and release him from the ISA due to the treatment, it was also revealed.

"I beg Your Honor, I cannot endure this," the youth stated, in a recording that was played back to the boy's family. "Does the court have a way to control the investigation?"

"They hung me upside down by hands and burned them," he continued. "I feel like they're burning me up."

"Every day it gets worse and I don't know what tomorrow will bring."

Testimony also revealed that the ISA kicked the youth in the chest while he was handcuffed with his head bent, stopping him from breathing for a few minutes. He was also kicked several more times.

At the time, the youth asked to consult with his lawyer, and was refused; he was also forced to listen to music on Shabbat as he was interrogated, which is forbidden on Shabbat day.

The torture only grew worse, he revealed, to the point where the ISA kept him up most nights torturing him. They repeatedly demanded names and a confession, with the youth stating repeatedly that he has none to offer because he is not involved in the case.

Among other things, the ISA spent an entire night flogging the youth's back, he said, and begged the judge for medical treatment and legal counsel. The judge asked if the youth was taking the psychiatric medication prescribed to him, but he responded that the cure is not a pill to numb the pain, but stopping the torture.

"I would confess to everything, but I don't know how - I don't have what to tell them," he cried. He added that while he had a lawyer working on his behalf, the legal counsel was useless without the right to meet with him personally. "My lawyer has no idea what to do with me, since they hit my back all night," he said. "I asked them, 'kill me - give me poison.' Your Honor, I cannot endure anymore."

The youth was later found with scars on his hands and arms, attempts to open up veins.

"We presented today in court the youth's hands, which clearly show he made a suicide attempt - and all due to the investigation and interrogations he has undergone from the ISA," Attorney Adi Keidar, from legal rights organization Honenu, fired Sunday.

"In addition, today we exposed the continuation of the horrible conditions [he underwent], when it was made clear to us today that what the suspect argued before us, is claimed to have been during his detention before the courts."

"It's a horrible thing that should concern us that the justice system is arm-in-arm with police and the ISA prosecution," he added.

The ISA insisted late Sunday night that the organization, as a government organization, conducts all interrogations according to the letter of the law.

"ISA interrogations are conducted in accordance with the law and case law, and are overseen by the Attorney General, the State Attorney's Office and the courts," it said. "The claim that one of the detainees tried to commit suicide is baseless."

Source: They hung me upside down

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*The Defense Minister needs to be held accountable for the injuries inflicted on ALL of the detainees, and prosecuted for subversive and unwarranted accusals.
*The Supreme Court and the Judges that allowed the abusive measures to be instituted be brought to trial and eventually be relieved from the Court system.

I am so upset to have to post this traumatic testimony that the Zionist State of Israel deems proper in their eyes to abuse these young boys so harshly. What twisted mind would allow the persecution of these detainees in order to save face with the Arabs. The enemy is within. This is what happens when there is no Torah education, no knowledge and appreciation for G–D. This is a turning point in my estimation, from here it is only downhill. The Government will dissipate slowly, and only HaShem knows what will happen next.


CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah said...

Does this Defense Minister, the High Court of (in)Justice and these judges really want ordinary citizens to start looking for them to knock their lights out? They are inciting trouble and they may just get it.

Who can stand this?!

They are seriously looking for trouble. If this young man dies, either by their hand or by suicide, I pray that HaShem Himself will put them down like the rabid dogs they are.

CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah said...

However, we cannot give in to our desire to give retribution. Vengeance is HaShem's.

Is this a test from Him to see whether we rise up in protest and demand that they stop? And what recourse do we have if they don't?

Not the families. Every citizen of Israel.

I saw a protest on the street today about it, near the Gesher haMetarim. I didn't go because we were expecting a guest over, who is going to the hospital tomorrow for tests for "the machala." Pray for Yehuda Leib ben Shifra.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

This is so profoundly EVIL that I am speechless right now. Well I posted this earlier on A-7:

Bring down this entire ma'arechet. It no longer deserves to continue to exist. Pure chaos is better than Tyranny, and we live in a Legal Tyranny that deserves to be totally torn to pieces and stuffed down the gullets of the Supreme Ct. judges so that they all choke to death. Place them in their swivel chairs of justice in their chambers. Fill the Supreme Ct. Bldg. with poop and puke. Lock the doors since no one is coming out of there at the time of the Resurrection of the Dead. Good Riddance.

I wonder if they will now come and arrest me too.

Racheli said...

Absolutely horrifying! Hashem Yirachem!! Protesting in the streets will accomplish nothing. We need to protest in prayer to Hashem! We must all beg Hashem to have mercy on these pure and holy Jewish boys! They are suffering for us, and we must cry and beg Hashem for their release! These demons will pay a severe price for their torture. I don't believe anyone with a Jewish neshama is capable of such cruelty, no matter how far away he is from Torah. It's just not in our spiritual makeup.

dvorah rut Weidner said...

Racheli, I want to believe what you think, but I fear that in fact Jews are torturing Jews, and their orders come from Weinstein, clearly a Jew, it matters little whether the torture comes from his hand, and certainly Sabak agents are Jews too. Do they have a Jewish neshama...?? I do not know. Indeed, we must all cry out, scream out to the Heavens, to HKBH that He save these pure lives, but at the same time, we are in a war against an erev rav government that is doing everything it can to destroy the Torah fabric of our lives, slowly,slowly they are giving away pieces of us to the goyim, so demonstrations in the streets is also required, actually the best would be an enormous pray rally/demonstration combo, millions in the streets, block everything, sit down and should out the Shema and pray that it brings down the walls of the government as the blast of the shofars did to the walls of Jericho.

Neshama said...

Racheli, you are so right we must shout out (in prayer) to Hashem that we don't agree with what's going on. Yes, we as a nation need to reach a level of teshuva, but they are going too far and i am afraid they will perish along with those in history who 'went too far.'

Devorah, Weinstein is giving his imprimatur to the requests of Shabak, Shin Bet, and "Boogie" who I deem at whose feet the buck stops! He must be reprimanded the the PM.

Plus I don't believe the protests should stop. It must stir the entire people of Israel to demand the right action be taken.

Neshama said...

I don't believe this. What will happen next? What can the parents, lawyers, and people do? Read this:
High Court rejects Duma suspect's petition
Lawyer's request to let him see client after legal limits breached, and to stop brutal torture and abuse, thrown out by judges.

Zahava said...

And what about pinchas?

Zahava said...

I retract what I said about Pinchus. HaShem has not told moshiach yet to take action

Racheli said...

I agree with Dvorah that a prayer rally in combination with a protest is a good idea. A protest in itself certainly might ease the symptoms of this situation by giving these boys their basic human rights back, but A PROTEST WILL NOT CHANGE THE SYSTEM ITSELF. Don't think for a moment that these boys are the first or the last Jews to be tortured in such a way!
Speaking of prayer rallies, there was a worldwide Shema prayer last night headed by Rav Shalom Arush. These types of things are exactly what we need to invoke Divine mercy!

Anonymous said...

Need to add this comment. To all those who say that Jews are doing this to Jews, you are mistaken. Our Torah and Sages teach us that when a so-called Jew is unusually cruel, he is definitely not descended from Avraham, Yitzchok & Yaakov!!!