01 December 2021

A Purim Shpiel? In December?

This must be a Purim Shpiel!
Don't they realize the world knows what a farce the “pandemic and variants are! Its hype and tyranny of fear!
COVID: Time for Israel to consider vaccine mandate – commissioner
The emergence of the Omicron (meme: moronic) coronavirus variant has renewed debate about vaccine  mandates and lockdowns

Bonus Video:

Israelis Have Had Enough, December 1 [Hebrew with English Subtitles?]

Michael Ganoe reports from Ramat Gan:

Painful to watch a gentile reporting on Jews supporting tyranny like this, but maybe it will wake some people up.

[a wild report

More interesting info:


moshe said...

B'H, that the people are waking up and even though it had to be a leftist speaking up loud and clear, we have to thank H' that this guy is able to do a great mitzvah by awakening the people. Also, since so many seem to be secular, it might be good it was one of their ilk that is bringing to light truth to the masses and also we need to thank the fine gentile, Mr. Ganoe, who is bringing the light to the Jewish people in our holy EY.
How shameful it is that the masses of religious, ultra religious and traditional Jews who should have been screaming out loud from the start the danger and ugliness of this abuse of mankind. Am glad at least the leftist did a 'mitzvah' a great one and the gentile, Mr. Ganoe, also! Praying that those still brainwashed can be saved and become normal again!

Neshama said...

Moshe: Today in the post is a giant headline about FORCED V.
When are they going to be embarrassed enough to slow down their tyrannical plans.
The world is wise to them now. And more Israelis are also. Except for the kapos, who think they have been saved.
The n.w.o. ter.r.o.r.is.ts will panic and I fear do something awfully not good before they will be brought down!
Watch for my next guest article!

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