20 April 2017

The Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu: A Clear Halacha

Rabbi Eliyahu Clarifies When Issues are not Clear to the Government – A Clear Halacha

Rabbi of Tzfat Shmuel Eliyahu reacted to the public debate concerning the matter of supplying humanitarian aid to Gaza - at a time when Hamas is holding the bodies of IDF soldiers.

“At a time when the bodies of IDF soldiers are in Gaza, there is a clear halakha [ordinance of Jewish law] on the matter. To stop passing supplies to Gaza. These are the true values, and anyone who tells you differently - it’s fake,” 

The Rabbi also addressed the issue of the terrorists currently on hunger strike in Israeli jails.

“Regarding the terrorists demanding conditions, steak, and pizza, the clear halakha is that if a man deserves the death penalty and it is not possible to impose the penalty, you put him in jail and feed him scant amounts of food and water - until he kills himself.

“Make his life miserable until he chooses death for himself. According to the true law, we must give them only scant amounts of food and water. We need to say these things to the country’s leaders. The public does not identify with this lax treatment of terrorists, as if they will become better people in the future,” […]

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