17 April 2017

Double Sunset from Opposite Ends of Horizon

Double Sunset from Opposite Ends of Horizon-Red Planet Hercolubus Appears-Extreme Weather Escalates
[Skywatch Media 4/15]

See especially the drone view (at 15-16min.)of massive flooding in Australia (from Debbie)!

"There are many strange and unexplained events taking place in our sky in these times. The Second Sun Phenomenon is one that has sparked considerable interest among the internet community, and it seems even the scientific community is baffled by the appearance of two suns, questioning whether it is possible that our solar system is actually a binary system where a brown or red dwarf star is lurking. Evidence is further demonstrating that there is something out there that is real, that cannot be seen by the naked eye, but that is having a tremendous impact on this planet and our neighbors across the solar system."

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