08 April 2017

Matza Baking in Yerushalayim and More

Above Photos from Vosizneias

Kupat Ha’ir Declares State Of Emergency, Osher Ad To Match Donations

It is once again the time of year to remember the families who suffer during Pesach. While most busily prepare, there are many who will wear shabby clothes, in drafty homes, with little to eat during the holiday. Kupat Ha’ir’s unique application & screening process helps them to hand-select thousands of the most impoverished & needy orphans, widows, and talmidei chachamim living in Israel.

Those who join this year’s Kupat Ha’Ir Kimcha D’Pischa campaign will be seizing the opportunity to do the highest level of tzedaka: giving anonymously, while maintaining the dignity of the family during this sensitive time. They will also be prayed for personally by Rav Chaim Kanievsky, and Rav Edelstein.

In an act of unbelievable corporate generosity, grocery store chain Osher Ad will match every donation to the campaign. A donation to Kupat Ha’Ir is a contribution to a trusted tzedaka organization, backed by esteemed rabbanim. Funds go to families who are truly needy, and donations will be doubled by Osher Ad. For those seeking to maximize their Kimcha D’Pischa’s impact, the choice is clear.

Donate Here: ChesedFund

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