03 April 2017

Magnetosphere Gone Wacky

*Magnetic Poleshift Underway?
read about the above at tomerdevorah
Magnetosphere Being Affected by Something?
Could this be our Earth returning to the “all Springtime weather” from before the Flood"

"Imagine a dwarf star with a following planetary system that has an opposite polarity? now add in all the "new" info we have on Jupiter as it acts more as a binary star than planetoid.. if we now throw in the extreme brightness of Venus.. it is logical to assume that we are seeing a trinary alignment from the incoming system. its like it is canceling out all the electromagnetics of the earth because we are to small of an object in comparison to the other objects engaging our sun and Jupiter?"

"It would seem we (meaning all of us on this planet) are in the midst of rapid changes taking place right now on a global scale to the Earth. We are told by NASA, ESA and other governments that all is good and there is nothing to these wild claims that the Earth and our Solar system are changing"

Ok, after learning about some stressful ionosphere news both here and at *tomerdevorah, one can stress down and calm down by listening to this:

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