16 April 2017

Har Bracha Visits Temple Mount – And 25,000 Visit Hevron

Har Bracha Children and Adults Visit Temple Mount on Pesach

"The children woke up very early in the morning - before the sun even rose,” [. . .] "They were very excited to join their parents and to celebrate Pesach (Passover) on the Temple Mount.

"We are meriting to ascend the Temple Mount in a large group of both children and adults. We will see the place where our Holy Temple once stood, and fulfill the Torah commandment to make a pilgrimage during the Pesach holiday."

"Thanks to the local police, the visit went smoothly and well, as is fitting for a visit to such a holy place.”

IY”H We should see all the towns and cities full of believing and loving children and adults visiting the Temple Mount with BE”H Mashiach!

Over 25,000 Jews visited the Patriarchs' city of Hevron over Pesach (Passover).

The visitors toured various historical sites in the city, enjoyed the "Lagaat Banetzach" (literally, "to touch eternity") exhibit, and were even able to visit rarely-open sites, such as the grave of the first Biblica Judge, Otniel ben Knaz and the ancient "Kasbah" neighborhood.

Hevron Jewish Community Spokesman Noam Arnon said that despite having to cancel the main event due to forecasts of rain, people flocked to the city in droves.

"Thank G-d, this year we merited to see complete families, from all sectors of Israeli society: secular, traditional, and religious," Arnon said. "This is part of our goal: to emphasize Hevron's tourist sites and attractions, which are appropriate for the entire family.”

Baruch Hashem, the children get to see much of Beautiful Eretz Yisrael:

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Anonymous said...

The Chofeitz Chayim says, "Even after the Bais HaMikdash was destroyed, the Mount upon which the Bais HaMikdash stood still retains its special sanctity. Therefore, today, while we are all in a state of tumah, ritual defilement, it is strictly forbidden for a Jew to enter the Temple Mount" (Mishnah Berurah 561:5).