19 October 2018

Rabbi Mizrachi: Current Events, Israel’s Spiritual Crisis, End of Days and MASHIACH

A Testimony Of What's Really Happening In Israel's Universities (secular institution against Hashem), Secular Courts (against G–d), UN–the Migdal Bavel of today, and Current Events

Must listen to the email that a university student sent to the Rabbi.

In the Religious world we are in a deep deep spiritual crisis!

The Holocaust

Punishment of the Wicked

AMAZING . . . MUST HEAR (toward the end)
Gog UMagog
Beit haMikdash
Bonei Yerushalayim


Scary: Rabbi Mizrachi said (in my understanding) that we shouldn’t think that a war and destruction would not come upon the Land of Israel (in the End Days scenario); that most Israelis would not be eliminated, and that one shouldn’t feel comfortable in their “level” of “Torah observance”, and that we should all wake up and prepare, as the days are narrowing down. (this is my take on the scariest portion of his shiur.)

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