02 October 2018

“Despite Being Immunized”

. . . Is the key phrase

Report: 76 children exposed to measles at Schneider Children's Hospital

Now they want the possibly infected to probably 

Schneider Children's Hospital has informed the Ministry of Health that parents of 76 children should be warned that the children may have been exposed to measles, according to the Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation.

The children were hospitalized last week in the emergency room at the same time as a 13-month-old child who contracted the disease despite being immunized ahead of a family flight abroad. The toddler's parents called on the parents to vaccinate their children to prevent risk from the child and his surroundings.

In many cases, it is those immunized that came down with measles.

Let the God given immune system do it’s job!

Source: arutzsheva

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mg said...

"Let the G-d given immune system do its job!" - Omain!!!!

This post like many others confirms that many children who contract the disease have been immunized. So what does this say about vaccines' efficacy? They aren't because the studies done by the CDC and Big Pharam were not double-blind studies and they purposely changed the data to lie to the public of its supposed efficacy.