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10 April 2018

Parshat Tazria-Metzorah Message of Nir ben Artzi ENGLISH


Message from Nir Ben Artzi
Parshat Tazria-Metzora
Sunday, 23 Nissan 5778

The Creator created this world and created the earth and all that is within it, the earth, the sea and all that is on earth, humans, animals, beasts and trees, everything is directed. When they worked in a world of humans with animals, there was no need for oil, gas, or any other combustible material. When the Creator decided that the world would move from animal and animal work to machinery, cars, airplanes, trains and ships, he also helped discover the gas and oil, and that there would be gasoline and diesel to operate them - only to show the providence of the Creator.

Each generation and generation, each generation and its time, each generation and its modernity. Once there were no air conditioners, air conditioners were invented just when there was a fever in the world. All the advanced technology, mobile phones and computers belong to this generation. You have to understand that everything starts from the Holy One, Blessed be He, and ends with the Holy One, Blessed is He, who decides and determines what will be on earth. The Creator has the power to transform states in one second, as if they never existed on earth, as if there were no state, to turn it into ashes. The Jews in the world must understand that there is Divine Providence.

The Holy One, Blessed is He, loves the Holy Land very much, and anyone who wants to take parts of the Holy Land or to harm the Holy Land directly harms the Holy One, Blessed be He. The Holy One, Blessed be He, chose the Jews who would be in the Holy Land of Israel, to illuminate the whole world with the study of Torah and prayer, technology and science, and anyone who disturbs the Land of Israel would be destroyed. Italy has Italians, Greece has Greeks, Egyptians have Egyptians, there are Jews in Palestine.

Passover passed very well with joy and freedom, freedom and redemption, alertness and peace. Thanks to the holy Land of Israel and the unity of the people of Israel, a Blessed Passover has passed. It has been thousands of years and every year - Passover is redemption and freedom, until this generation, in which the Messiah is expected to be revealed in public.

Anyone who has eyes in his head and has a head on his shoulders knows that there is something special about the Land of Israel. He sees the leadership of the Creator who leads the Land of Israel, and together with Gog and Magog and the chaos throughout the world. Evil and hatred - not among the Jews. Gentiles have anti-Semitism and hatred of Jews. If the Gentiles knew that thanks to the Jews, they would not have fought in the Holy Land of Israel.

The gentiles abroad are doing their job, expelling the Jews from Europe, the United States and all over the world through anti-Semitism, so that they will come to live in the Holy Land, to settle the Negev and the Western Galilee, the Golan Heights, Judea, Samaria and Binyamin.

The Jews who live outside the Land of Israel, live in a constant threat, live in a coma, they work and breathe and think that everything is rosy. Chasing them and wanting to hurt them. There is envy and envy, because the Jews from Greece do great successes.

Here, in Holy Land, everything blooms and flourishes, millions of homes will be built, and most of the Jews from abroad will immigrate to the holy land of Israel.

All the infiltrators must be removed from the Land of Israel legally, they must not remain to the Land of Israel.

The Muslims have not succeeded in destroying the Jewish people with weapons and ammunition, so they use infiltrators, drugs and alcohol, gambling and seducing the daughters of Israel in an attempt to destroy the Jewish womb, not to produce Jews.

The Creator says to the Jews in Israel, not to be moved by the European Union and all kinds of associations that pay hundreds of millions to destroy the Land of Israel. They are fighting against the Holy One, Blessed be He, and no one has defeated the Holy One, Blessed be He!

Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people, it is the capital of the Jewish people. Like Paris belongs to France, London to England, Jerusalem - belongs to the Jewish people!

In Egypt one eats the other. Anyone who interferes with Sissi is gone. Sissi is fighting the Da'esh in the desert of Sinai and is succeeding in the meantime, and he is not letting them approach Egypt, so that he will not be harmed by the Aswan Dam and that his rule will not be harmed.

Jordan, millions of people devour each other, millions of refugees. There will be no peace there.

Syria, many people are killed every day and the whole world is silent and silent. All the countries are training there with missiles and with new weapons.

Lebanon as usual loves peace, wants to enjoy the world.

Hizbullah and Nasrallah do not have new ammunition or new weapons. Meanwhile paralyzed, just barking.

Thank God, who is helping the IDF and blowing up any type of ammunition coming from Iran.

Iran: Warns the Holy One, Blessed be He: If you do not stop interfering with the Land of Israel, you will receive severe earthquakes that have not been dreamed since the creation of the world. The Holy One, Blessed be He, gave her warnings, and if Iran did not heed the warnings given by the Holy One, Blessed be He, she would be erased. Tens of millions of Iranians want to revolutionize and replace the Iranian regime that wants to destroy and kill all Iranians.

Iraq has no remedy.

Turkey, is waiting for a major revolution. Erdogan kills and kills - until they reach him.

The Gaza Strip and Hamas are raging. They get a lot of money, hundreds of millions of dollars and take them to their private coffers. They do not give the Palestinian civilians anything, they are given only when they dig tunnels or they come to demonstrate against the borders of Israel. All the livelihood in the Gaza Strip comes from the digging and the demonstrations against Israel's borders and the burning of tires, of which they live. You only get money for sustenance. They persuade them and beat them so that they will come to do the will of Hamas and Abu Mazen.

Hamas and Abu Mazen do not want peace. Do everything to get money and more money, and show that they appear in the world.

The United States has no plan for peace with the Palestinians, it is busy with Mexico, China, Korea and Russia.

Putin does what Trump does, and Trump does what Putin does.

All the bribes, thefts and deceptions, those living on the backs of others and the conspirators, from the greatest to the smallest, from the most religious to the non-religious - all will be revealed naked. Will make a complete and true answer - the Creator of the world will consider them, come to them and help them in good.

Mothers, parents – keep your children from gambling, drugs, alcohol and assimilation to gentiles.

Natural disasters, fire, volcanic eruptions, winds and storms, floods and earthquakes - will continue as usual. Disputes within and between countries will continue as usual. A country that will help and support the Holy Land of Israel will have quiet and peace, peace and livelihood for all. For those who go against the Holy Land, there will be endless complications and complexities. Now choose what you want to do, no one will defeat the Holy One, Blessed be He.

Moshiach worries and guards, prays and annuls decrees over the people of Israel. Everything that Moshiach does - it is through the Holy One, Blessed is He. Why is there a Mashiach?

Why do we need a Mashiach? To turn the world from impure to pure, from evil to good, from hatred to love, from pride to humility. Everyone in this world will be equal, there is no rich and poor, no sickness and no death for the Jews.

The Jews are a stiff-necked people, they want the Holy One, Blessed be He, to speak to them and hear Him, so the Holy One, Blessed be He, allows them to see Mashiach. When they see the messiah with certainty and believe in him as the messenger of the Holy One, Blessed be He, they will have peace and tranquility, recognize the Holy One, Blessed be He, and His servant messiah, become the best person in the world and build the Temple. Jews, do not give up.

A date for the revelation of the Messiah, [is known] only to the Holy One, Blessed be He. We pray, decree at every moment, and the final decision - is with the Holy One, Blessed be He. To turn this world from bad to good, from hatred to love, to health to eternal life, and to peace is not so simple. It is not easy to reveal Mashiach when all the people are not ready. The Holy One, Blessed be He, prepares all the people of Israel, all the Jews who will be ready to receive Moshiach.

When the Holy One, Blessed be He, will see that the moment is right - it can happen in a second - that the people of Israel crave and need, who are tired of this dry world, evil, hatred and competition, dread and fear. We see the miracles and wonders that the Holy One, Blessed be He, does to the people of Israel.

The Holy One, Blessed be He, celebrated Passover in the Holy Land with the Jews in the Holy Land. Passover was Blessed with everything. All the attempts to disturb the Jewish people and the Holy One, Blessed is He, on Passover, were unsuccessful. The people of Israel celebrated and the Holy One Blessed be He celebrated with the Jews in the Land of Israel!


mg said...

"The Jews who live outside the Land of Israel, live in a constant threat, live in a coma, they work and breathe and think that everything is rosy. Chasing them and wanting to hurt them. There is envy and envy, because the Jews from Greece do great successes."

With all due respect to Rabbi Nir b. Artzi, I disagree with the above statement. I live in America, and I, my family and closest friends yearn for Moshiach every day. We do not live in a coma, C'V. We sense clearly that the world is changing drastically, and Moshiach is very immininent, IY'H. But for now, we are here to do learn Torah, do mitzvos, and to help make this world a dwelling place for the Almighty. May Moshiach come now.

Neshama said...

As usual, “America” thinks they are the whole world; however there are Jews in many other countries who live tenuously and it is about them that we worry. America has bred arrogance and the love of luxury into the fabric of lifestyle, but when things get very scary for Jews in America they will then understand.