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09 April 2018

Palestinian Thuggery vs Chem Attack in *Douma


"Gaza terrorists “peacefully” armed with guns and media”arutzsheva.

'We are dealing with a cynical, evil and cruel enemy'
Finance Minister Kahlon says Gaza riots part of Hamas plans to carry out terror attacks, not spontaneous protest of civilians.

They speak of human rights while holding a Nazi flag
At Mimouna festivities, PM Netanyahu says Gaza riots motivated by desire to destroy Israel, as shown by PA flag with swastika flown at protest. arutzsheva

Terrorists also disguise themselves as journalists
Defense Minister defends IDF after journalist reported killed in Gaza, notes Hamas abuse of humanitarian standards. arutzsheva

Palestinian flag flies with swastika
Former IDF spokesperson publishes video showing flag with swastika blowing in the wind at riots along Gaza border fence. arutzsheva

Former Israel Defense Forces spokesman Peter Lerner published on his Twitter account documentation of Palestinian Arab demonstrations near the Gaza Strip fence yesterday, including the flying of a Palestinian flag with a swastika.

"Hamas is a terrorist organization that supports genocide," Lerner wrote.


Syria: More than 150 dead from chemical weapons attack
At least 150 people, mostly women and children, killed and hundreds injured in chemical weapons attack by Assad's army in city of *Douma. arutzsheva. See new post on “The Dumah Pronouncement."

Hamas Swastika groupies
The Moloch worshippers were at it again, this time burning tires at Israel’s gates. How inventive from a people who can do nothing else – yet gain friendship from the adoring Left.
[. . .]
That symbol, which on Friday they flew with their flags, they’d rather keep hushed – and most of the media obliged. So this isn’t about land and it wasn’t about land when their Founding Father, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, met with Hitler to share likeminded plans for the Jews. This was about genocide…and so it is to this day. By Jack Engelhard arutzsheva

The world goes for Israel's throat
All the hypocrites of the world are now at Israel's throat.

The satrap Erdogan, who slaughters the Kurds, who invades Afrin, who persecutes Christians and who occupies Cyprus, has the nerve to accuse Israel of "terrorism" in Gaza. At least 289 and more likely 500 people have been killed since Turkey launched its jihad against Afrin and Erdogan allows himself to give ethical lessons to Israel. [. . .] At the UN, if there were no Americans to veto the resolution, Jerusalem would be prosecuted like the Nazis in Nuremberg. The UN Security Council met "urgently" on Friday night, despite American and Israeli requests to postpone the meeting because of the Passover Seder. They are very hurried when it comes to defaming Israel, but slow as sloths when it comes to Syria, North Korea, Iran.By Giulio Meotti arutzsheva

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