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05 April 2018


“63 'Prisoners of Torah' who were imprisoned during the winter for prolonged periods of time”


they didn’t want to join the army
they wanted to keep their menorah to sit and learn our Holy Torah
A Jewish Army was established under David HaMelech, but today this is not how it is. Some survive and others fall into the philosophy of the Generals, with Jewish customs trampled on causing severe PTSD for some Jewish soldiers. One cannot deny that it is a secular army, with little room for Judaism. Yes, we need defense and security, but there are Jewish youth that do not belong in the IDF and they should not be forced into it.


they didn’t want to join the army

While we do not live in Russia today; however, could enlistment/induction/conscription into the Israeli IDF (against one’s religious beliefs) and ensuing imprisonment be "legal kidnapping"? legal dictionary

Many of the early settlers/founders of Israel came from communist socialist countries and lived under foreign rulers with unJewish laws. How did this affect their outlook Weltanschauung (ger. world outlook) in establishing laws in their old/new environment?  JA

According to the "Statute on Conscription Duty" signed by Tsar Nicholas I of Russia on August 26 (September 7 new style), 1827, Jews were made liable to personal military service and were subject to the same conscription quota as all other tax-paying estates ("sosloviya") in the Russian Empire. Conscription Duty

The Soldatskaya Synagogue, or Soldiers' Synagogue, a unique wooden structure that was built in 1907 by Jewish soldiers who had been kidnapped as children to serve in the Russian Imperial Military, was formally returned to the Jewish community of Tomsk, Siberia, on Feb. 1. Siberian Wood Synagogue of Kidnapped Jewish Children

One of the most dreaded aspects of Jewish life in Tzarist Russia was conscription into the army. ... In the mid-nineteenth century, when Tzarist agents took to kidnapping young Jewish boys for forced military service. Forced Military Service.

Tens Of Thousands Attend Peleg Motorcade Event To Honor 63 ‘Bnei Torah’ Prisoners

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