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07 April 2018

Counting Sefira Week Two Gevurah

Sefirat HaOmer

The Omer is counted every evening after nightfall, from the second night of Passover till the night before Shavuot

Forgot to count the Omer at night? Count the following day, but without a blessing. On subsequent nights, continue counting with a blessing as usual.The blessing is made only if every day has been counted; if you missed a day, say the day's count without the blessing.

Omer Count for Shabbat Night April 7, 2018
Week Two 8 Days in the Omer

Week 2 - Correcting the Sefira of Gevurah

About Gevurah

Tree of LifeGevurah is known as Judgment. Whereas Chesed gives almost to a fault, Gevurah is miserly. Where Chesed expands, Gevurah contracts. Where Chesed says "share," Gevurah says, "What's in it for me?" Where Chesed celebrates heroism, Gevurah is a disciplinarian with fear looking over its shoulder. Gevurah, run amok, without Chesed's balance, becomes the tyranny of a police state, but the undifferentiated seed that lies in Chesed never become the differentiated tree without Gevurah's strong hand. Gevurah bring the energy of the upper Sefirot into differentiation, which is the beginning of physicality.

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