29 November 2017


Evicted *Shepherds Sue Civil Administration
Two shepherds who were evicted from Judea and Samaria say: We wanted to leave voluntarily but Civil Administration did not agree.

Two Israeli shepherds recently filed a civil lawsuit against the Civil Administration, which describes the evacuation of a herd and buildings without warning, while severely harming the cattle [flock].

Cruelty to Animals is Against the Torah

According to the lawsuit, the manner in which the cattle [flock] were loaded onto and transported on the evacuation truck resulted in the deaths of three of them and in abortions among many sheep that were pregnant at the time. The eviction which led to the filing of the lawsuit took place in 2015.

King David was Judean Shepherd

The plaintiffs are the owner of the herd, a resident of the community of Kochav Hashahar, and his partner. The two were grazing their flock, which constituted their sole source of livelihood, at Givat Habaladim, located near Kochav Hashahar. On the day in question, forces from the Civil Administration unexpectedly arrived at the site and began demolishing buildings and confiscating the herd. They presented an order from 1999, according to which the area was declared a "military firing zone”. 

[D]amages ... many sheep that were pregnant ... their fetuses aborted due to the overcrowding on the truck, ... many other injuries caused to the cattle [flock].

The lawsuit alleges that the forces arrived without prior warning to the plaintiffs, and the owners of the herd asked the forces to allow them to evacuate voluntarily so that they could properly evacuate the herd and buildings, but were refused. Read more at ArutzSheva

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(some facts in this video are not current, but valuable)

*IY”H they will be successful

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Anonymous said...

H' bless these wonderful Jewish shepherds, the Shepherds of Israel. Their mitzvah is so great and proves that those at the helm are foreigners. They are treating the farmers and ranchers no different than the ancient philistines did and the arabs of today with the help of those in authority.