24 November 2017


Sderot Hesder Yeshiva Dean Rabbi Dovid Fendel spoke to Arutz Sheva about Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely's remarks, and the criticism they drew. In the last 3-4 minutes of her 15-minute interview on world issues with i24, Hotovely said that the Western Wall conflict was a political issue, and noted that US Jews do not fully understand the realities of life in Israel. According to Rabbi Fendel, Hotovely's words were "spoken with grace and with compassion, out of faith and humility. She did not attack US Jewry, and did not insult them, either.” "Hotovely said clearly in the interview that she would be happy to give up her position if the US Jews decided to move to Israel and vote against her in the elections," he emphasized. "That is a very brave and honest statement.” 

"She also said the Western Wall conflict is not a conflict amongst the general public but between political leaders, and is an attempt to gain political power. This dispute truly does not belong to the masses which come, naturally, to the Western Wall - a place of worship which unites, not divides. If this were truly a battle between the masses, everyone would be visiting the Western Wall en masse. What Hotovely said is true, and is not an insult."ArutzSheva

B”H Someone came out to clarify the Leftist deliberate misunderstanding.

Report: Netanyahu searching for way to fire Hotovely

She’s Good and She’s Right on the Ball

Reports state that Prime Minister Netanyahu is searching for a legal way to fire Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely.

Hotovely said earlier in an interview that "American Jews live comfortably and don't understand Israeli reality.”

Her words are being interpreted incorrectly; it is based on her experience speaking to the Jewish College Students in her recent visit to America. The Leftists are smearing her unfairly and inaccurately! She was NOT speaking about the ‘organized American community leaders’. She was speaking to the disenfranchised (from their Jewish Judaic Heritage) American Jewish students

Hotovely has the Israeli People and Eretz Yisrael in her heart, mind and words;

Hotovely defends the Jewish People and the State of Israel in the World of Anti Words.

Don’t do it PM Netanyahu; it will make you look very very bad in the eyes of the righteous.

What do you say to this: 
 They’ll try anything: Indoctrinating US children against Israel

Golbarg Bashi is in the news for her children’s book “P is for Palestine,” which has been described as an anti-Semitic and anti-Jewish screed addressed to children. 
Bashi herself was a protégée of American born “Palestinian” Lila Abu-Lughod, whose American-born mother and British Mandatory born father both enjoyed long academic careers in America, not in “Palestine.” […]Bashi and [is] anti-Israel, pro-Palestine, and pro-Palestinian Jihad against Jewish Israel. Bashi has managed to shut down an entire upper East Side Mommas FB group. […] In blog posts, Bashi has reportedly written that “Israel is a racial and religious apartheid state.” The group’s mothers exploded and FB has now locked them down for the time being. [by Prof. Phyllis Chesler, ArutzSheva

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Today in the JPost edition the leftists brought out the guns on Hotovely. Because she is religious, not a politician and doesn’t try to play-up-to political entities, she is being thrown to the wolves of Israeli political machinations. What she said was true, the Reform and Conservative on the whole do not make Aliyah and are comfortable in the freedoms of America. The Religious Jews do make Aliyah in record numbers. This whole fiasco against Hotovely is directed by the Reform and Conservative and anti-religious of Israel.

UPDATE:  ArutzSheva:

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Thursday told Israel’s public broadcaster, Kan, that he completely rejects Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely's remarks on American Jews. "Hotovely's words anger me - they do not reflect my position and my worldview,” […] The prime minister said that he "completely rejects such statements" and added, "This really angers me, because this is not my approach ($$$$$), and I think that maybe I am more sensitive to this than others.”

Shame, Shame PM Netanyahu


Anonymous said...

H' bless Tzipi Hotovely for her Kiddush H'! Firstly, it is only the Reform and their ilk that are behind this. Much of the American Jewry, both religious and secular, do not agree with the former who are a part of those (the leftists and globalists) with an agenda to make Israel a totally non-Jewish state. If the prime minister goes along with their views and dismisses MK Hotovely, then we can come to the conclusion that he is working for them and not for the Jewish citizens of Israel and the world.

Neshama said...

Well, I think we need to stand up for her and send comments in to the newspapers, whichever had articles about her. They’re smearing her because she is religious and stands up for Israel. Did you read “Anatomy of a Smear”?