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23 April 2018

Parshat Emor Message of Nir ben Artzi ENGLISH

Message from Nir Ben Artzi
Parashat Emor, 5778
Sunday, 22 April

The Holy One, Blessed be He, warns and warns all countries in the world, without exception, not to deal with the Holy Land with the State of Israel, which is seventy years old. This seventy years of stability and strength and the Land of Israel is a power that feeds, sustains and lives the entire earth on its inhabitants!

The State of Israel, the Land of Israel, is seventy years old and loves the Creator of the Seven, the seventh day - the Sabbath, seven thousand years to the world, seven blessings, seven Sabbaths, there are many other things in Sheva. The Holy and Pure Land of Israel closes seventy years - it is a perfection to greet Moshiach in public. The seventy must be closed in order to be perfect in the Holy Land. The eight - above nature, the world of redemption and spirituality, a world that all the Jews of the world will immigrate to the Land of Israel, even the Ten Tribes. When Moshiach comes out in public, he will bring the Ten Tribes to the Holy Land.

So Father in heaven says to all nations on earth: Thanks to the Jews who live in the Holy Land, in the State of Israel - this world is alive and well. How long will you be [?] to fight the Holy Land and the Jews who live in the Holy Land? That give life and food, health, good livelihood, longevity, medicines, technology and much more ... You fight with the thing that gives life to the world. Without the Holy Land and the Jews who live in the Holy Land, the Earth will become ashes, there will be no remnant of man in the world. Thanks to the Jews who live in the Land of Israel, thanks to the prayers and study of Torah - this world exists. Wake up, you'll understand, do not bother - not to deal with the Holy Land and the Jews who live in the Land of Israel, for your own good! Every country and country that does not understand this and will continue to be disturbed will receive the most severe blows, receive all ten blows a hundred times, and the four forces of nature will dismantle them. They will have fire and embers, dust, earthquakes, floods, rain and snow, harsh winds and storms. In the Holy Land of Israel, in the seventy-year-old State of Israel, nothing will happen and nothing will be damaged. Any country that wants to harm, to think of sending a missile or taking parts of the Holy Land, the Creator of the world will break it into pieces and at the same time harm the president or prime minister who wanted to take parts of the Land of Israel.

Seventy years to the Holy Land, to the State of Israel, it is a force that is closed and no back, for ever and ever will not be harmed! This is a force that protects and protects the Holy Land, which is in the right and proper way, in the strong way of redemption and Messiah, and it is not worthwhile for the peoples to deal with the Holy Land, the State of Israel and the Jews living in the Land of Israel. The State of Israel is celebrating its 70th anniversary. A small number of Jews in the Holy Land and every million Jews - a billion people in the world.

The Holy One, Blessed be He, asks anyone who has a senior and important role in the Land of Israel not to compete with his friend. This is hatred, and this brings no good to the people of Israel. Anyone who has a senior and important role in the Holy Land will do everything for Heaven, with joy, peace and humility so that there will be protection and protection for the people of Israel. If that senior official does not do so, he will lose. No senior official in the Land of Israel is allowed to do for himself, he will do his message and mission for the sake of Heaven alone, not for a chair, not honor, and not publicity. Respect for God, pride for God - not for man. [could this be referring to Speaker of the Knesset?]

Once good for us, once hard for us. The Holy One, Blessed be He, determines the age of man and how many will live, if he fulfills the Ten Commandments, prayers and study of Torah, what is prescribed by Holy One, Blessed be He. The livelihood of the Holy One, Blessed be He, is life and death in the hands of the Holy One, Blessed is He, the rain in the hands of the Holy One Blessed Be He, the birth by the Holy One, Blessed be He. These keys were left by God in His hands, so that when a person is in trouble, he will ask directly from the Holy One, Blessed be He. The power of the people of Israel in their mouths - in prayer and in the study of Torah.

All the fallen soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces are at the top by the throne of honor and are called righteous. They pray and implore the Holy One, Blessed be He, to stop the killing and pray for every IDF soldier, who will be guarded and protected, every day they pray and plead to the Holy One, Blessed be He.

Avraham Avinu fought to save Lot, our father Jacob fought in Shechem, King David fought, Yehoshua fought, Moshe fought, Samson hero fought - these are called the soldiers of the Holy One, Blessed is He.

The State of Israel is developing and flourishing, the economy is very good, the industries are producing weapons and ammunition like no other in the world. The Creator gives the Jews patents over nature.

There is a cloud of fire guarding Israel's borders. With all that is happening, we do not understand so well how the borders of Israel are protected and guarded - it is from the cloud of fire of the Creator! 

Gog and Magog outside the borders of the Land of Israel. In Israel, everything is normal, pure and holy.

Syria will continue to be destroyed, no one can stop the destruction. You can not make peace with them.

Russia is doing ammunition training in Syria. Wants to sell arms and ammunition to the Middle East, to Arab countries. Russia with the people of Israel.

The United States with Israel is strong, because they know that the people of Israel and the Land of Israel are the most powerful force in the world.

The tunnels - the Creator of the universe reveals everything. We once spoke about the tunnels, which are built like a central barrel, with many nests coming out of it, they discovered it now!

Jordan is quietly waiting for what to do with Hamas and the refugees. Trump silences them and Israel protects the king.

Egypt, which is disturbing Sisi has disappeared. Anyone who wants to hurt his power is gone. Sisi is a modern man, smart and intelligent and very good for Egypt. Sisi, continue to guard yourself. Da'esh want to blow up the Aswan Dam, they want to do something that will make world-wide publicity, Da'esh are sophisticated and want to show the world that they are winning everyone. Sisi, to continue cleaning and purifying the Sinai desert of Da'esh, the extremists and Hamas.

Turkey, Erdogan is losing his temper. Da'esh controls it, the economy is destroyed and dismantled, and workers are working hard on revolution.

In Iran there is a great revolution in the quiet, on the way, boiling and boiling and soon it will spill over. The Creator warned Iran, gave them a great warning of dust, smoke, and earthquake, so that they would not mess with the holy Land of Israel. If Iran doesn’t listen, it will receive a blow it has not yet dreamed of that will take a hundred years to rebuild itself.

Lebanon is happy that Syria is being destroyed.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah do not know what to do. Iran is in a difficult, confused and complicated situation. Iran's leaders are going to go crazy and all the ammunition they will try to deliver to Hezbollah will explode on the way. 

Europe is full of Muslims celebrating at the expense of the Christians. If Europe does not set limits, Muslims will soon make borders to Europe. 

Trump is very reliant on Israel. Believes in the forces of the Jews, in the Jewish people, believes that the ‘higher power’ protects, maintains and directs the people of Israel. Trump is a very smart and intelligent man. He has confidence and courage, wants to make order, peace and love in the world. He knows how Jews are living in the Land of Israel. He has very good advisers. 

Putin loves Israel, is happy with the Jewish people and blesses them. 

The Messiah is found, working and influencing. There is renewal, things that are vital and good for the Jewish people. The Holy One, Blessed be He, wants the Jews to fulfill the Ten Commandments, and wants a Jew to do his own thing from his heart. The mitzva is multiplied and the most elegant act is done when a person does his own thing for himself. 

Israel is stable and does not sway, and grows stronger every day. Until a year ago, Israel had three elements, we closed seventy years ago. We entered the fourth element, the fourth leg of renewal and acceptance to the great circle of the Land of Israel and the people of Israel. There are bad decrees that are canceled and people do not know anything about it. Do not procrastinate, not to worry. Keep believing. 

Moshiach is found, alive and well, blooming, will soon be revealed and will go out with great joy in public. He has a great job, not just physical. The soul of Mashiach "'היחידה'" does a very great job at the speed of light. Moshiach helps and works all the people of Israel and throughout the world, until the day comes and he is revealed in public and everything will be revealed in public!

Eretz Yisrael, the Holy Land, the Land of Israel, the State of Israel - has been closed for seventy years! It gives great steadfastness and power to the earth and in heaven. The connection of heaven and earth and four foundations and only good will be for the people of Israel every day, and each day better and better and no person and country in the world can harm the State of Israel!


Anonymous said...

he is navi sheker and you promote him. terrible sin. lean

Anonymous said...

How do you know? What makes you assume that?

Perhaps you should read "The Domino Effect":

814 אורנה ניצבת said...


The people that anticipate Mashiah Tzidkeinu, are Jewish Neshamot in official Jews or real Gerim=Jews.
There are some gentiles that wait for this also, and keep the 7 Noachide LAWS without involment in AVODA ZARA.

Then there are Kofrim, Apicorusim, fake gerim and reshaiym of all kind....

The 'humanity' always believed in the devil, especialy the antisemites.
They believed that we Jews will have false messiah, anticrist, or something...
Guess what...the feared number by notzrim is 666, the number of every human that felt down.
The number 616, is the number of every Torah JEW=Jew by anciant halacha of the Jews given us by the only true Prophet, Moshe Rabeinu.
Every Jew have the GEMATRIA and the DNA of HA TORAH.
Every JEW is HASHEM.

And i understand thats really scary for these refusing to follow the rules of the G'd of ISRAEL.

There is CHITA, and there are the klipot that are stuck to us.
This will be solved soon.

50 is the number of impurity. In this case...

The klipot of the CHITA will be burned while flying in the air.
David ha Meleh ha Matok made sure this will happen!
The CHITA will be left for everlasting SHABBAT where is no place for klipot and any evil, by the lack of free choice.
Where is no free choice...there is not the other side, the 'devil' is the free choice presented to everyone on a silver take the mitzvot or go against???
At the end...all the bad things, including the antisemites and fake gerim, all was for the give us the free choice to serve Hashem.

Every Jew is a navi, a tzadik and Ha Torah,
We Jews have no sin, but the sin of choosing the wrong side, for a long time.

I can garantee that Harav Nir Ben Artzi is a Jew, that makes him a possible Navi, Tzadik, Ha Torah and more...
And the only thing we have to do is BELIEVE=EMUNA.

EMUNA that Hashem is ECHAD!
Yes the so feared number by the imposters...
13+13=26 26 is what? Oh something very special! Our secret!

Echad ve Echad is 26.
Too complicated?
Nah we Jews are very simple creatures.
We are the KOSHER candle that gives LIGHT onto the NATIONS by BEING ONE.
Leave our Harav alone, spit your ugly Torah-less words somewhere else please.

Neshama said...

Thank you Anonymous 23:51.
I have posted the information about The Domino Effect.