23 November 2017

Parshas Vayetzei: Revisiting Jacob’s Sheep in The Land of Israel

Parshas Vayeitzei 30:27-43
a little late but very interesting

I will tend to my sheep and rescue them from all the places where they were scattered on the day of cloud and thick cloud. I will remove them from the nations and gather them from the lands and bring them to their soil and I will tend them upon the mountains of Israel in the streams and in the lands habitations. I will shepherd them upon a good pasture and their fold will be on the heights of Israel's mountains”   Ezekiel 34


Gil Lewinsky, the man behind the reintroduction of Jacob Sheep to Israel, on the fulfillment of the Biblical Prophecy experienced today. 

The Biblical significance of "Israel's Lost Flock", explained by Bible Code Expert Shmuel Treister. Some amazing facts about this incredible species of sheep.

The first batch of shofarote, from the first flock of the biblical Jacob's Sheep in Israel in over 2,000 years have been processed!

You gotta hear this!! Shmuel Treister plays the flute for a typically noisy flock of the Biblical Jacob's Sheep. Listen to his sweet sound and watch the sheep enjoy the concert.

ILTV Interviews Jacob’s Sheep

Interesting Video: Intelligent Sheep
A new study by researchers at Cambridge University indicates that sheep can be taught to recognize faces using food rewards.


"The results of our study show that sheep have advanced face-recognition abilities, similar to those of humans and nonhuman primates,” the researchers concluded. They believe that the ability of sheep to recognize faces can be used in the future to investigate human brain disorders, such as Huntington’s disease, that affect mental processing. ArutzSheva

Amazon’s Secret Cloud and Amazon Key (that unlocks your front door)

the end of privacy


Amazon Web Services unveiled a cloud computing region for the CIA and other intelligence community agencies developed specifically to host secret classified data.

The AWS Secret Region will allow the 17 intelligence agencies to host, analyze and run applications on government data classified at the secret level through the company’s $600 million C2S contract, brokered several years ago with the CIA. AWS already provides a region for the intelligence community’s top secret data.[…]

The AWS Secret Region is essentially its own commercial data center air-gapped—or shut off—from the rest of the internet. CIA Chief Information Officer John Edwards views the new region as a key step in commercial cloud computing technology that has already changed the way the IC handles data and addresses cybersecurity. nextgov  Amazon Secret Cloud 

Might there be a conflict of interest or an opening for abuse?


Amazon Key is a new service that lets couriers unlock your front door. You’ll need a smart lock and Amazon’s new Cloud Cam


How easy is it to trick the voice recognition on these smart speakers and what does that mean for the security of your info? Fooling the voice recognition on Amazon Echo and Google Home:

Well, it seems someone has thought of another way to steal into your life:

 'Method very simple: Lure people into calling back extremely expensive provider, defraud those who return call to international provider.'

"Last Wednesday I got a call from Lithuania, which in itself was very strange. I answered and for a half a minute there was no response. Yesterday I understood that apparently it was a sting and I'm a bit confused now because I don't know whether to cancel my credit card; I'm now waiting for answers from both my credit company and the phone service provider," said one interviewee on the program.

"I have the 'Me' app, which identifies calls not on one's contact list, and it said the incoming call was a scam and not to answer or return the call, because if you call back, they take money from your account," said another near-victim. ArutzSheva

22 November 2017

AG Mandelblit: “Regulation Law Must Be Cancelled” ?

'Regulation Law must be canceled'
Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit says Regulation Law is unconstitutional, must be canceled.

But Whose Constitution is He Referring to?
the Law of Hammurabi?

Israel does not have a formal constitution.

The "Regulation Law" was passed in February and provides financial compensation or alternate plots of land to Arabs who have a legal claim to land inadvertently built on by Jews.

Under the Regulation Law, homes built on such properties will be allowed to remain, and owners with proven claims to the land will be given a choice of receiving an alternate plot of land or monetary compensation for 125% of their land's value.

UPDATE :  MK Moalem: AG's position on Regulation Law 'very troubling’ – Jewish Home MK blasts AG's opposition to Regulation Law. 'He should allow government to appoint another AG, or keep quiet. ArutzSheva

Further from the Times of Israel:

AG: Outpost law discriminates against Palestinians, should be repealed. Mandelblit added that “the law will also cause severe discrimination against the Palestinian population in the region.”

But while Mandelblit was vocal in his opposition to the outpost legalization law, the attorney general provided a legal opinion in a separate case last week that rights groups argue may have set an identical precedent to the one that the February legislation had aimed to establish.

The legal opinion saw Mandelblit approve the expropriation of private Palestinian land for the building of an access road to an illegal West Bank outpost, Haresha.

To green-light the land confiscation, the attorney general used a recent legal opinion given by Supreme Court Justice Salim Joubran who ruled separately that abandoned private Palestinian land could be seized for the grounds as long as the original owners are compensated. TimesofIsrael

Further from Regavim:

Game Changing “Kaminitz Law” will help in battle against illegal building
Here is an op-ed in The Jerusalem Post / JPost.com by Regavim’s Josh Hasten on a new game changing law – known as the “Kaminitz Law,” which will allow local authorities to crack down on illegal building in Israel. 
This is especially relevant in northern Israel where according to Regavim’s research, in 95% of the Arab towns and villages in that area, the Arabs resort to illegal building claiming the State doesn’t offer them permits, but as the article indicates, that is not the reality.


Israeli Arabs Building Illegal Mega-Mansion on State Land. JewishPress
Israel allows illegal Arab building to flourish. 5TJT
The Late Great State of Israel: How Enemies Within and Without Threaten the Jewish Nation's Survival by Investigative Reporter Aaron Klein. Amazon Books  


Citizens Speak Out:

"Mandelblit is supposed to advise the government, not make judgments that can only be done by the Supreme Court. He is a lawyer, not a judge, and his responsibility is to advise and to present the government's case before the court. He does not get to make up his mind what is constitutional and what is not."

"With friends like Mandelblit who needs enemies? No matter what the law states it is immoral, unethical and sinful to expel law abiding citizens and destroy their homes before first providing them with an equal new home to move to. The Arabs treat their terrorists better than Israel treats law abiding Jews."

21 November 2017

UPDATE TO: Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi Shlit”a – The World is Already Destroyed

Superb Shiur – Not to be Missed
There is so many topics in this Shiur to mention as being a ‘must’ to hear that I cannot list them. This is Yotzei min HaKlal (imho)

If one cannot open the youtube video, try his website at DivineInformation

And Now a Bonus Shiur
The Rabbi will be in Eretz Yisrael for the next few weeks, back for Chanukah

Baseless Hatred To The Chosen Children Of God

One can also access this shiur at DivineInformation

20 November 2017

Winter Arrives

Local Weather Report 

Weather It Is (Winter Arrives)
Nov-18-2017 18:18
Weather It Is

Good Evening:

It's over -- that's it -- fall will exit and winter will enter. Winds will quickly shift to the northwest and usher in the coolest air of the season. Still, some might still call this fall: in fact, my wife's mother told me that years ago (when she was a young mother) she remembers the rain and cold that greeted each new child -- and this was during fall before the arrival of winter.

Me:  Yes, I just dragged out the heaters (portable) and feel the cold, damp, rain, on its way. The Chanukah season is always the beginning of Winter in earnest. Soon the sufganiot will begin to appear all over. And in earnest, I will make my gluten free donuts, and maybe have a Misibah for the neighboring children during Chanukah.

gf Apple Cider Donuts 

1/4 cup 1 tsp coconut flour
3/4 cup tapioca flour
1-1/2 tsp cinnamon 
1/4 tsp cloves
1 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp sea salt

1/4 cup palm shortening
1/4 cup palm sugar
2 eggs
2 TBS  coconut full fat milk
6 TBS apple cider
1/2 tsp vanilla
1 tsp apple cider vinegar

Oven 350
Combine dry ingredients
Cream shortening and sugar in Mixer
add one egg at a time
add remaining liquid ingredients
add dry ingredients and mix till smooth

pour batter into greased donut pan, 
bake 12-15 min

cool on wire rack

English Translation of Parshas VaYetze Message by R’ Nir ben Artzi

The Rav delivered a message to the Jews in Israel and around the world - Parashat Vayetzei 5771 - 1 Kislev 5770

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi shlita
Parashat Vayetzei 5769
It was reported Sunday, November 19, 2017
[my clarifications in brackets]

The Holy One, blessed be He, King of Kings, the Father of Mercy, continues to be revealed in all his glory and glory to Jews living in Israel, to Jews living outside the Land of Israel and to all the billions of people in the world. The Holy One, Blessed be He, loves His Jewish children who live in the holy land of Israel, waiting and waiting to change the opinion of the Jews who live outside the Land of Israel, who will return to the Holy Land. The Creator warns them of all the warnings and warns them every day, so that they will leave the land and come to live in the holy land of Israel, in the Holy Land. When you live in the Land of Israel, the prayers are heard in the sky[Heaven], because the open sky is in the Holy Land of Israel. Just as there is the Land of Israel here on earth, there is also in Heaven. When the Jews are in the Holy Land, in the Land of Israel of the earth, their prayers and requests are heard in the sky[Heaven], because the Land of Israel is also in the Heavens and the opening to the Heavens above is found in the Land of Israel.

The Holy One, Blessed is He, loves His Jewish children and does not like being intrigued, competing or ingenious in the words of the Holy One, blessed be He.

I, the Lord, command you to say and point to the King of Moshiach, our righteousness, the man of G–d whom the Lord has chosen!

The Holy One, blessed be He, said that there would be a vision for Israel's rabbis - it would be a vision! There will be a vision for the rabbis of Israel, great Torah scholars and great scholars - they will see a vision! Do not wait to see what will and what will not be, what this rabbi says and what this rabbi says. Even though they are delayed - the vision is reduced, it will be a spectacle for the great rabbis and Torah scholars! We Jews must not be questionable, even the smallest: 'What about the vision, when will the vision be.' Not to be clever with the Creator. You shall be innocent with the Lord your G–d. A vision will be for the rabbis in the dream, the great Torah scholars and Torah scholars!

The Holy One, blessed be He, protects and protects the borders of Israel, the Jews who live in the Land of Israel, guards the Israel Defense Forces and prevents many attacks on Jews in the Land of Israel.

Despite the tension and the pressure from all directions, Jews in the Land of Israel have nothing to fear from anyone. Find a tunnel in Israeli territory - blow it up! And not to think about what they will say, 'And you are very careful for your souls'. It is written in the Torah, “[If they] Come to kill you [be] early to kill him." The goal of Hamas and the Palestinians is to reach a military base and, G–d forbid, abduct IDF soldiers.

Tunnel in Israeli territory - blow up! And you have a lot to blow up.

The Holy One, blessed be He, purifies and cleanses all thieves, cheaters, lepers and people living on the backs of others. The Creator says to them: 'Do not think that you are not seen, I see you and I will reveal all of you. Even if you are in the depths of the shelters, I see you - repent! “

Jews must unite and be united, because the Land of Israel is the Holy Land, it is not a game, one has to study Torah, pray and do kindness.

Rain will fall in its time and time and will cleanse the Holy Land, heal the Jews in the Holy Land, give water to agriculture and fill the Sea of ​​Galilee - everything is good.

Drivers in the holy Land of Israel: Do not talk on your cell phone, do not send messages, no emails and no emails - it's life threatening! You shorten your life and that of your friends.

The Sudanese and the Eritreans arrive in and come horribly, from the borders, from the Gaza Strip and from the sea. They have one goal - to destroy Judaism in the Land of Israel. They multiply like worms. It is urgent to remove them legally from the Land of Israel.

All the fires and most of the arson are deliberate, deliberately igniting the cities and moshavim. These people have the cruelty to burn and go, 99% of them goyim.

Trump has offered proposals to the Arabs, the Palestinians and Hamas - they will not accept his proposals. The Palestinians and Hamas want to destroy the Holy Land of Israel, they do not want peace. Trump wants to prove to the world that he is an excellent president - there will be no peace in the Middle East. Trump's job is to encourage Jews in the US to come and settle the Land of Israel, and he was chosen to tell the Palestinians, Hamas and Arabs who want to take parts of the Land of Israel: 'Please, you will not get even one centimeter of land.’

Hizbullah and Nasrallah will not help them. Nasrallah thinks that Iran will help him.

Iran received a severe earthquake. It will not stop, if it does not stop doing tricks, transfer ammunition and weapons to Hezbollah and Nasrallah, and help others to disturb the Land of Israel. In the sky[Heaven], Iran has entered a state of law and has been severely beaten. The Creator will beat her like he did in Syria. Just as the Holy One, blessed be He, ends Syria, so does Iran. Iran is about to be destroyed because it does not want to change, despite all the warnings. Iran thinks it is a great hero, it has received a warning: a severe earthquake. In the face of the Arabs it is as if it is strong and against Israel it is nothing and nothing. The Creator warns them: stop planning how to harm the Holy Land and the Jews in the Holy Land. The [law] began in Iran and they will be beaten a lot more, until they realize that they are not dealing with the Jews who live in the Land of Israel.

There will never be peace in Syria. The Holy One, Blessed be He, beats them for everything they did to the IDF soldiers during the Yom Kippur and Peace-Galilee wars and what they did to the spy Eli Cohen, the Creator will beat them to the end until they repent and raise their hands and stop openly interfering with the Land of Israel.

Turkey is ruled by Da’as[Da’esh[, and Da’as[Da’esh] ends Turkey, there is no justice and no judge. Erdogan trembles with fear of being killed. [Da’esh = ISIS]

Europe is awash with infiltrators, refugees and anti-Semitism.

War with North Korea - will not be! The debates and competition between the leaders will continue to be empty.

Israel's best economy in the world. The real estate will continue to develop even in thirty years and more, the Holy One, Blessed be He, asks the Jews abroad and in Israel: It is a commandment to settle the Holy Land, to buy houses only in the Holy Land! This is also a mitzvah and the houses will remain yours forever.

Jordan is waiting for a miracle, only Israel is helping it.

Iraq, no backbone, alive and dead.

Da’as[Da’esh] like cockroaches, leaving every country in the world, Arab or non-Arab, killing a hundred and one thousand.

Egypt, Sisi wants peace because he is afraid of his leadership. He wants to dwindle as much as possible the Da'esh, the Hamas and the extremist Muslims, in order to defend himself and his leadership ... Nothing will help him.

Russia loves Israel and knows that Israel is the strongest country in the world. Israel has the strongest army, technology, science and medicine, everything is strong, in every way. Russia also wants to be a member of the Arab states because it sells them arms and ammunition.

Will continue in the world of floods, fires, earthquakes, severe winds and severe storms.
Parents, keep your child! Mobile phones have applications, movie programs and all sorts of very difficult programs that destroy young girls and boys. To see what your children see is life-threatening! This brings them to the most difficult situations! To warn the children against assimilation, drugs, gambling and drinking.

Moshiach protects and protects, at night a man of G–d with the היחידה - his soul, and on[in] the day helps the Jewish people, a regular man of G–d, like an ordinary person. The Creator gives every Jew, every day, wisdom and knowledge, to know what the meaning of redemption and Messiah means.

Today, not everyone knows what the power of Mashiach is. If Jews knew what the power of Mashiach was, they would shout and cry to the Holy One, blessed be He, to reveal the King Messiah in public now! When the longed-for day of King Messiah comes and is revealed in full public, death will cease to Jews and all nations will tremble with fear. No Jew would ever hurt again! The agony and sickness will cease, there will be no more sorrow and suffering! There will be the construction of the Third Temple, there will be a resurrection of the dead and a lifetime!

Parshas VaYetze Message – R’ Nir ben Artzi in Ivrit

מסר הרב שליט״א ליהודים בארץ ובעולם כולו - פרשת ויצא תשע"ח - א' כסלו תשע"ח

מסר מפי הרב ניר בן ארצי שליט"א
לפרשת ויצא תשע"ח
נמסר ביום ראשון, א' כסלו תשע"ח, 19.11.17 | 8:30

הקדוש-ברוך-הוא, מלך מלכי המלכים, אב הרחמים, ממשיך להתגלות בכל הדרו ותפארתו ליהודים שגרים בישראל, ליהודים שגרים מחוץ לארץ ישראל ולכל מיליארדי האנשים בעולם. הקדוש-ברוך-הוא אוהב את ילדיו היהודים שגרים בארץ ישראל הקדושה, מחכה ומצפה לשינוי דעתם של היהודים שגרים מחוץ לארץ ישראל, שיעלו וישובו לארץ הקודש. מזהיר אותם בורא עולם בכל האזהרות ומתרה בהם יום-יום, כדי שיעזבו את אדמת הניכר ויבואו לגור בארץ ישראל הקדושה, באדמת הקודש. כשגרים בארץ ישראל, נשמעות התפילות בשמיים, כי פתח השמיים נמצא בארץ ישראל הקדושה. כמו שיש ארץ ישראל פה בכדור הארץ, יש גם בשמיים. כשהיהודים נמצאים בארץ הקודש, בארץ ישראל של כדור הארץ, נשמעות תפילותיהם ובקשותיהם בשמיים, כי יש ארץ ישראל גם בשמיים והפתח לשמיים למעלה, נמצא בארץ ישראל.
הקדוש-ברוך-הוא אוהב את ילדיו היהודים ולא אוהב שמסתקרנים, מתחרים או מתחכמים בדברי הקדוש-ברוך-הוא.
אנוכי ה' מצווה אתכם לומר ולהצביע על מלך המשיח צדקנו, איש האלוקים שבחר בו ה'!
הקדוש-ברוך-הוא אמר שיהיה חיזיון לרבני ישראל – יהיה חיזיון! יתקיים החיזיון לרבני ישראל, גדולי תורה ותלמידי חכמים גדולים – כן יראו חיזיון! לא לחכות לראות מה יהיה ומה לא יהיה, מה הרב הזה אומר ומה הרב הזה אומר. אף-על-פי שמתמהמהים - החיזיון יורד, יהיה חיזיון לגדולי הרבנים ותלמידי חכמים! לנו היהודים אסור להיות בספק, אפילו הקטן ביותר: 'מה עם החיזיון, מתי יהיה החיזיון'. לא להתחכם עם בורא עולם. תמים תהיה עם ה' אלוקיך. חיזיון יהיה לרבנים בחלום, לגדולי התורה ותלמידי חכמים!
הקדוש-ברוך-הוא מגן ושומר על גבולות ישראל, על היהודים הגרים בארץ ישראל, שומר על צבא-הגנה-לישראל ומונע הרבה פגיעות ביהודים בארץ ישראל.
למרות המתח והלחץ מכל מיני כיוונים, ליהודים בארץ ישראל אין מה לפחד מאף אחד. מוצאים מנהרה בשטח ישראל - לפוצץ אותה! ולא לחשוב מה יגידו, 'ונשמרתם מאוד לנפשותיכם'. כתוב בתורה 'הבא להרגך השכם להורגו'. מטרת החמאס והפלסטינים, להגיע לבסיס צבאי ולחטוף חס ושלום, חיילי צה״ל.
מנהרה בשטח ישראל – לפוצץ! ויש לכם הרבה מה לפוצץ.
הקדוש-ברוך-הוא מזכך ומנקה את כל הגנבים, הרמאים, אנשי הזימה ואנשים החיים על גבם של אחרים. בורא עולם אומר להם: 'אל תחשבו שלא רואים אתכם, אני רואה אתכם ואגלה את כולכם. אפילו שתהיו במעמקי המקלטים אני רואה אתכם – תחזרו בתשובה!'.
יהודים חייבים להתלכד ולהיות באחדות, כי ארץ ישראל היא ארץ הקודש, זה לא משחק, צריך ללמוד בה תורה, להתפלל ולעשות חסד.
גשם יֵרֵד בע‏ִתו ובזמנו וינקה את ארץ הקודש, ירפא את היהודים בארץ הקודש, ייתן מים לחקלאות וימלא את הכנרת - הכל טוב.
נהגים בארץ ישראל הקדושה: לא לדבר בטלפון הנייד, לא לשלוח הודעות, לא ווצאפ ולא מיילים - זו סכנת חיים! אתם מקצרים את חייכם וחיי חבריכם.
הסודנים והאריתראים מגיעים ובאים בצורה מחרידה, מהגבולות, מרצועת עזה ומהים. יש להם מטרה אחת – להרוס את היהדות בארץ ישראל. הם מתרבים כמו תולעים. דחוף דחוף להוציא אותם בצורה חוקית מארץ ישראל.
כל השריפות ורוב ההצתות מכוונות, בכוונה תחילה מציתים את הערים והמושבים. יש באנשים אלה אכזריות לשרוף וללכת, 99% מהם גויים.
טראמפ הציע הצעות לערבים, לפלסטינים ולחמאס – הם לא יקבלו את הצעותיו. הפלסטינים והחמאס רוצים להרוס את ארץ ישראל הקדושה, הם לא רוצים שלום. טראמפ רוצה להוכיח לָעולם שהוא נשיא מעולה - לא יהיה שלום במזרח התיכון. טראמפ תפקידו לעודד את היהודים בארה"ב לבוא וליישב את ארץ ישראל. הוא נבחר כדי להגיד לפלסטינים, לחמאס ולערבים שרוצים לקחת חלקים מארץ ישראל: 'בבקשה מכם, לא תקבלו אפילו סנטימטר אחד של אדמה'.
חיזבאללה ונסראללה לא יעזור להם כלום. נסראללה חושב שאיראן תעזור לו.
איראן קיבלה רעידת אדמה קשה. ירד עליה דין ולא יפסיק, אם לא תפסיק לגמרי לעשות תחבולות, להעביר תחמושת ונשק לחיזבאללה ונסראללה, ולעזור לאחרים להפריע לארץ ישראל. בשמיים איראן נכנסה למצב של דין ותחטוף מכות קשות ביותר. בורא עולם יכה אותה כמו שהיכה בסוריה. כמו שהקדוש-ברוך-הוא גומר את סוריה כך גם את איראן. איראן בדרך להיהרס כי היא לא רוצה להשתנות, למרות כל האזהרות. איראן חושבת שהיא גיבורה גדולה, היא קיבלה אזהרה: רעידת אדמה קשה. מול הערבים היא כאילו חזקה ומול ישראל היא אפס וכלום. בורא עולם מזהיר אותם: תפסיקו לתכנן איך לפגוע בארץ הקודש וביהודים בארץ הקודש. הדין התחיל כבד באיראן והם יקבלו מכות קשות פי כמה וכמה, עד שיבינו שלא מתעסקים עם היהודים שגרים בארץ ישראל.
בסוריה לא יהיה שלום לעולם. הקדוש-ברוך-הוא מכה אותם על כל מה שעשו לחיילי צה"ל במלחמות יום-כיפור ושלום-הגליל ומה שעשו למרגל אלי כהן. בורא עולם יכה אותם עד הסוף, עד שיעשו תשובה, ירימו ידיהם ויפסיקו בגלוי להפריע לארץ ישראל.
תורכיה נשלטת על ידי דאע"ש. דאע"ש גומר את תורכיה, אין דין ואין דיין. ארדואן רועד מִפחד שיהרגו אותו.
אירופה מוצפת מסתננים, פליטים ואנטישמיות.
מלחמה עם צפון קוריאה - לא תהיה! ימשיכו הוויכוחים והתחרות בין המנהיגים - לרִיק.
הכלכלה בישראל הטובה ביותר בעולם. הנדל"ן ימשיך להתפתח גם בעוד שלושים שנה ויותר. הקדוש-ברוך-הוא מבקש מהיהודים בחו"ל ובארץ: מצווה ליישב את ארץ הקודש, לקנות בתים רק בארץ ישראל הקדושה! זו גם מצווה וגם הבתים יישארו שלכם לעולמים.
ירדן מחכה לנס, רק ישראל עוזרת לה.
עיראק, אין עמוד שִדרה, חיה ומתה.
דאע"ש כמו ג'וקים, יוצאים מכל מדינה בעולם, ערבית או לא ערבית. הורגים מאה - קמים אלף.
מצרים, סיסי רוצה שלום כי הוא פוחד על מנהיגותו. הוא רוצה לדלדל בכמה שיותר את דאע"ש, החמאס והמוסלמים הקיצוניים, כדי להגן על עצמו ועל מנהיגותו. לא יעזור לו כלום. סיסי אל תסמוך עליהם ואל תאמין להם.
רוסיה אוהבת את ישראל ויודעת שישראל הכי חזקה בעולם. בישראל הצבא הכי חזק, הטכנולוגיה, המדע והרפואה, הכל חזק, בכל דבר ודבר. רוסיה רוצה גם להיות חברה של מדינות ערב, כי היא מוכרת להם נשק ותחמושת.
ימשיכו בעולם השיטפונות, השריפות, רעידות האדמה, רוחות קשות וסופות רוח קשות.
הורים, לשמור על ילדכם! יש בטלפוניים הניידים אפליקציות, תוכנות של סרטים וכל מיני תוכניות קשות ביותר, שהורסות את הבנות והבנים הצעירים. לבדוק מה ילדיכם רואים, זו סכנת חיים! זה מביא אותם למצבים קשים ביותר! להזהיר את הילדים מפני התבוללות, סמים, הימורים ושתיה חריפה.
משיח שומר ומגן, בלילה איש אלוקים עם היחידה - נשמתו, וביום עוזר לעם ישראל, איש אלוקים רגיל, כמו אדם רגיל. בורא עולם נותן לכל יהודי, בכל יום, בינה ודעת, שיידע מה משמעות גאולה ומשיח. בימינו לא כולם יודעים מה הוא כוחו של משיח. אם יהודים היו יודעים מה כוחו של משיח, היו צועקים וזועקים לקדוש-ברוך-הוא לגלות את מלך המשיח בפרהסיה עכשיו! בזמן שיגיע היום המיוחל של מלך המשיח ויתגלה בפרהסיה מלא, ייפסק המוות ליהודים וכל הגויים ירעדו מפחד. לא יפגע עוד אף יהודי לעולם! ייפסקו הייסורים והמחלות, לא יהיו עוד צער וייסורים! תהיה בניית בית המקדש השלישי, תהיה תחיית המתים וחיים לעולמים!

מסר הרב שליט״א לפרשת ״ויצא״ תשע״ח להורדה

NOT TO FORGET: Anniversary Of A Night Of Infamy

Anniversary Of A Night Of Infamy
By Tammy Bottner - 25 Heshvan 5778 – November 13, 2017

Exactly seventy-nine years ago, on the evening of November 9, 1938, an orgy of hate-fueled violence broke out across what had been a progressive cultured country: Germany. The two-day pogrom was a spree of vandalizing, looting, beating, and killing. It would come to be known as Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass.

Kristallnacht was not a random violent event. It was carefully orchestrated by the Nazi regime, whose goal was to humiliate and intimidate the German Jewish population throughout the country. Hundreds of disparate gangs, lead by SA stormtroopers and goaded by Nazi leadership, particularly propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, launched simultaneous attacks all over Germany.

The country had elected Adolf Hitler to power five years earlier. Prior to Hitler’s Nazi Party, the German Weimar Republic was a liberal country, where freethinking, science, music and literature flourished. But an economic downturn opened the door for a megalomaniac to seize control. And the maniac had a sadistic agenda: he blamed Germany’s Jews, a tiny minority, for every trouble, and he was determined to create a culture of hate, and to get rid of them.

When the violence was over, dozens lay dead among the shards. The Night of Broken Glass saw seven thousand Jewish businesses targeted, their broken windows littering the streets, two hundred and fifty synagogues burned, and Jewish hospitals, schools, and homes invaded and looted. The following morning, thirty thousand Jewish men were arrested and sent to concentration camps.

In the ensuing days the Nazi regime swiftly stepped up the persecution. Jews were forbidden from attending school, from owning businesses, and were subject to curfews. The Reich even confiscated the insurance monies owed to Jewish business owners whose stores had been vandalized during the pogrom.

Kristallnacht marked a turning point for the more than half million German Jews. The Nazis had been making life miserable for years, but the Night of Broken Glass was the beginning of real terror.

Among the Reeds: The true story of how a family survived the Holocaust

My grandmother’s family, who lived in the city of Chemnitz in eastern Germany, had fled the Nazi state several years before Kristallnacht. My grandmother was only eleven when her father had a prescient dream that the Nazis were coming for him. He woke up one morning in March 1933, packed a small satchel, and fled the country, leaving his wife, three young children, and a prosperous business behind.

When the SA stormtroopers arrived, which, shockingly, they did, the following day, he was already gone. The rest of the family was placed under house arrest. Even as a Nazi stormtrooper guarded their front door, my great-grandmother shepherded her young children out the back door. They walked to the train station, each child alone, and boarded a train for Holland, escaping Nazi Germany, never to return. A prescient dream and the astonishing courage to leave Germany in a heartbeat saved my family from almost certain death.

After Kristallnacht, the plight of Jewish people went from bad to critical. And my family was not in the clear. They were still in Europe. From Holland they eventually relocated to Belgium, trying to stay one step ahead of disaster. But in May 1940 Hitler occupied Belgium as well, and at that point there was nowhere to go, no country whose borders were open to Jewish refugees.

In my new book, Among the Reeds: The true story of how a family survived the Holocaust, I recount the way my grandparents made it through WWII in Europe, even saving their young children, including my father who was a newborn when the war came to Belgium. If not for my grandparents’ courage, determination, and willingness to make unbelievably difficult decisions, I would not be here to tell the story.

As we mark the anniversary of Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass, let us pause and remember what happened when a country known for its culture and freethinking slipped into a period of hate and xenophobia, when it allowed a madman to take the reigns. Let us consider the terrifying parallels of the current American administration. A divided country. A narcissistic leader who encourages more division, who points fingers at certain groups, blaming them for the country’s problems. Let us contemplate the shock of seeing hate groups marching in American streets.

On November 9, the anniversary of an infamous night of terror, let us vow, never again.

Source: JewishPress

19 November 2017

Rav Ginsburgh on Parshas Toldot: Why Does Isaac Love Esau? and Holy Leopards

From Rabbi Ginsburgh’s class of 28th Cheshvan, 5773 (rec’d late)

Why does Isaac love Esau?
“Isaac loved Esau because of the game in his mouth, but Rebecca loves Jacob.” The sages of all generations have tackled the many questions that arise from this verse: Why did Isaac love Esau? Was he not aware of Esau’s conduct? Why did he want to bless Esau and not his brother Jacob, a tent-dweller dedicated to Torah? And why, after learning that Jacob had “stolen” the blessings did Isaac respond, “Indeed, he shall be blessed”?

Following in the footsteps of the sages, we too will meditate upon these questions in the light of traditional Chassidic interpretations.

Abraham: Spreading light

The key to understanding parashat Toldot lies in the persona of Isaac and in his unique way of serving God. In order to understand how this is so, we will compare the two patriarchs, Isaac and Abraham.

During the first moments of creation, when the world was steeped in darkness, God said, “Let there be light” and the sages teach us that Abraham’s advent similarly illuminated the world with a new light. Abraham wandered from place to place, teaching monotheism to people entrenched in ignorance and vanity. He called out in God’s Name, teaching them faith in God and all-encompassing love. But, what weight does Abraham place upon mundane reality? The mundane seems to trouble him very little. The world is still far from recognizing God, from following God’s will and Abraham’s main mission in life remains to fill reality with as much light as possible. If, “a small amount of light can dismiss a great deal of darkness,” then even more light can dismiss huge amounts of darkness, illuminating all of reality with Divinity. Abraham ensconced everyone he met in the light of his “mitzvah campaigns” and enlightened them with his Torah, mitzvot and good deeds. Abraham’s only interest in the big wide world is to help it discover God’s oneness, the secret of the Divine nothingness.

Perhaps it is unclear how Abraham’s method could eventually lead to the ultimate rectification and to the advent of Mashiach, but it is obviously true that the world has to be awakened and illuminated. In fact, this is the teaching that the Ba’al Shem Tov learnt from Mashiach himself. The Ba’al Shem Tov asked, “When will you finally come, sir?” and Mashiach replied, “When your wellsprings [i.e., the Ba’al Shem Tov’s Chassidic teachings] are disseminated outwardly.”

Isaac: Digging wells

Isaac’s service of God was totally different from Abraham’s, so much so that it is surprising that Isaac is Abraham’s son. Indeed, the Torah makes a point of stating that Isaac is Abraham’s son, as the verse states, “This is the chronology of Isaac, the son of Abraham; Abraham bore Isaac,” as if there is a need to emphasize that despite the essential difference between them, surprisingly enough, Abraham did indeed bear Isaac.

Isaac did not illuminate the world with mitzvah campaigns. In fact, they seem to have no place in his life. Isaac dug wells. If we meditate on the deeper meaning of digging wells, we can say that Isaac saw the crude material world for exactly what it is, but he also perceived God’s existence in everything, even in coarse matter. Isaac’s goal was to expose the fact that, “God is all, and all is God.” Even the brightest light can only illuminate reality from outside but Isaac desired to penetrate the inner substance of the world and uncover the Divine spark that vitalizes it. Isaac’s consciousness was at the highest realm of truth and he recognized that there is truly “nothing apart from Him.” Although the physical world appears to be an entity separate from its Creator, appearances are misleading. The true nature of reality is exactly the opposite—it is one with God— and the truth must be revealed. Isaac digs and drills deeper and deeper into the earth to reveal that the earth which seems so dry, barren and far-removed from the Divine, is actually a fresh-water well waiting to be revealed; dark and dry reality actually conceals God Himself.

This then is why Isaac loved Esau. He knew that Esau was a full-blooded and tempestuous man of the field, that he lived and breathed the crudeness of the mundane, and that is exactly what Isaac loved about him. Isaac’s greatest desire was to take hold of a hunk of material reality and reveal how it—the created substance of reality (היש הנברא)—perfectly reflects the Divine—the true substance of reality (היש האמיתי). That is why Isaac wanted to bless Esau. Isaac believed that by the power of his blessings, Esau would be transformed into a new man and his very crudeness would expose the true Divinity that vitalizes the world. Whereas Abraham illuminated reality with candles and flashlights, Isaac was searching for the main power switch that would convert night into day in one fell swoop.

Jacob: Long-term clarifications

Having contrasted Isaac with his father Abraham, let us continue to compare between Isaac and his son, Jacob. Jacob’s mission of Divine service was neither to illuminate reality from above, like his grandfather, Abraham, nor to follow Isaac’s philosophy by digging and delving into reality to reveal that everything is Divine. Jacob sets out to clarify and refine reality. On the one hand his philosophy is similar to Isaac’s, because he sullies his hands with physical reality and is not content with illuminating it from the outside. Yet Jacob’s goal is to refine darkness by gradually identifying and gathering more and more sparks of holiness that have fallen into the physical world, and to redeem and elevate them as he did when he salvaged his own herd from Laban’s flocks.

In Chassidic terms this is called the “service of clarifications.” Almost all our Torah study and performance of mitzvot is aimed at achieving this end—to elevate reality piece by piece. This service is by nature protracted and demands patience, as Jacob said to Esau when he tactfully refused his invitation to join him on his journey to Se’ir, “I will move on at my own slow pace… until I reach my master at Seir.” As alluded to by the numerical value of, “I will move on at my own slow pace” (אתנהלה לאטי), which equals “Israel” (ישראל)—the name Jacob received from Esau’s own archangel, suggesting that Esau’s essence succumbs to Jacob’s plan—Jacob’s method is to progress slowly and gradually, until reality has indeed been refined and all its good points have been gathered together like flocks at a well. This is Jacob’s program for bringing redemption; a long-term plan that slowly but surely refines reality until all clarifications are complete and we merit the advent of Mashiach.

Delivering a knockout?

But let’s get back to Isaac. He is not at all impressed with Jacob’s service. Isaac does not see Jacob’s plan as fulfilling the purpose of life, because even after all reality has been refined and all the fallen sparks of holiness have been gathered up, the lowest reality itself remains dark and distant from the Divine. In fact, what has happened is that it is now completely empty of all the good that it previously contained and there is nothing left to be done with the empty shells and the refuse that have been left behind during the refining process. Rather, Chassidut teaches us that Isaac’s service was not the service of clarifications but the service of unifications, meaning that his goal was to unite the mundane (all of it) with God Himself.

Whereas Jacob carries on slowly but surely, Isaac’s philosophy is to overcome lower reality in one fell swoop by dealing it a triumphant blow, one hard punch that will knock it out and turn it all into pure Divinity. In our case, this blow is in the form of the superlative blessing that Isaac intended to give to Esau; a blessing that was intended to penetrate so deep into Esau’s psyche that it would reveal the essential Divinity that vitalizes his coarseness. Jacob can continue to sit in his tents, which is all well and good, but Esau’s reformation was Isaac’s primary goal.

But Isaac’s plan went awry and Jacob stole the stage with his mother Rebecca pulling the strings behind the scenes. Rebecca’s soul-root is the same as that of Isaac, which is why they are the Torah’s perfect couple. Yet, although Rebecca was aware of the ultimate goal, revealing that “all is God.” But, she also knew that Isaac was already living that future reality and could not see Esau for what he really was. Rebbeca realized that to reach her and Isaac’s common goal in practice, they would need to involve Jacob. Rebecca did see Esau for what he truly was and concluded that Esau could not be blessed “as is.” She believed that Isaac’s blessing, as potent as it may be, would not transform Esau, who would adamantly refuse to change. The blessings would only infuse him with even more power to continue down his virulent path. The full force of Isaac’s knockout punch would not finish Esau off, and history would have to go many more rounds with him.

Before reality can be transformed it must be refined, because there are some of its aspects that must completely disappear, as the prophet says, “I [God] will remove the unclean spirit from the earth.” In the future we will indeed reach Isaac’s level. At the same time, Esau himself—the good in him—will have been refined. Then, “the redeemed will climbMt.Zionto judge theMountainofEsau.” But in the meantime, we need to follow Jacob’s method.

Jacob was also well aware of this and he was aware that at the end of his long journey he would reach Isaac’s level. He too agreed that there is good in his brother Esau, which is why he wore his clothes, “The voice is the voice of Jacob and the hands are the hands of Esau.” Once Isaac understood the message that Rebecca and Jacob had conveyed to him, he acknowledged the truth of their insights and confirmed his blessing to Jacob, “Indeed, he [Jacob] shall be blessed.”

“We want Mashiach, please!”

Every Jew carries in him the essence of all three patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But there are individuals in whom Isaac’s soul-root manifests in particular. In our generation, the Lubavitcher Rebbe led a mass-arousal to usher in the true and complete redemption. The Rebbe constantly stressed that redemption is right here waiting to make its entrance and all we have to do is open our eyes to see it. The Rebbe repeatedly proclaimed: “Mashiach, Now!” He also stressed that Esau himself is now ready for redemption and all that remains for Mashiach to arrive are our final actions.

Of course, the Rebbe knew (better than us) that Isaac eventually submitted to Rebecca and Jacob’s philosophy, but he also saw us as an updated version of Isaac. Thousands of years have passed since Isaac let Jacob lead the way, and we have already come a long, long way with his service of clarification. Indeed, the Rebbe explicitly stated that “the service of clarifications is over.” Jacob’s service has reached its final stage and we are close to achieving Isaac’s goal.

Nonetheless, the Rebbe did not speak of knocking reality out with a single blow. Rather, he taught that redemption should be brought about with pleasant and peaceful ways. Even when the Rebbe cried, “Mashiach, now!” he was not suggesting we forcefully overpower reality. He sent us out to influence the world in a way that the world could understand and accept.

This can be illustrated with a linguistic twist. One word that sounds similar to and means the same as the English “now” (in “Mashiach, now!”) is נא, as in the phrase, “Now I know” (הנה נא ידעתי), but this word, which is an almost precise transliteration of “now,” also means “please,” as in the phrase, “Please say you are my sister” (אמרי נא אחותי את). Apparently, the Lubavitcher Rebbe not only wanted “Mashiach, now!” he also wanted “Mashiach, please!” When we say, “We want Mashiach now!” we also mean, “We want Mashiach, please!” If our request for Mashiach is accepted, then there is nothing to hold him back from appearing at this very moment.


Holy Leopards
The verse states that Nimrod was a fierce hunter (גבור ציד). The first three letters of Nimrod (נמר) mean “leopard.” Similarly, the midrash teaches us that Nebuchadnezzar rode upon a leopard, and sported a crocodile as a tiara. Ibn Ezra states that by ruling over the animal kingdom and proving his power over animals, Nimrod became a successful tyrant over people.

In the Torah, the fourth and final letter of Nimrod’s name is the letter dalet (ד), which is the first letter of David (דוד). In Chronicles, his name is written with the two letters vav and dalet (וד), the two last letters of David’s name, added to the “leopard” (נמר). Thus, the spark of monarchy that must be redeemed from Nimrod is the spark of King David, who will return as the ultimate monarch in the guise of Mashiach.

In the first law of the Shulchan Aruch, we are taught to mimic the leopard for its boldness. Even though the leopard is not a kosher animal, it is the subject of the very first law in the Shulchan Aruch, which teaches us to be as bold as a leopard and to feel no shame for serving God. In this way, each one of us has the ability to redeem Nimrod’s bold and royal spark, turning his fierce hunter into a holy leopard.

18 November 2017

Chabad Shluchim Kinus in Great Neck NY

To accommodate the many participants of the Kinus Hashluchim, Thursday was spent at the Leonard's Palazzo in Great Neck 

The international conference of Chabad shluchim (emissaries) began in New York on Thursday. According to data published by Chabad ahead of conference, the total number of Chabad emissaries worldwide is 4,700, and they operate in 91 countries around the world. The shluchim operate around 3,500 Chabad houses and Jewish institutions. In the United States and Canada alone, there are about 1,000 Chabad communities, making Chabad the operator of the largest number of communities in North America, a number which is constantly going up. ArutzShevaPhotos and text below from COLLIVE

Redeemed Sefer Brought to 770
L'chatchila Ariber, the known chassidic melody of Chabad's 4th Rebbe, the Maharash, was sung on Thursday evening at the Rebbe's Room at 770 Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights. Singing the niggun was Rabbi Shlomo Cunin, Head Shliach of California and a long-time activist for the return the Schneerson Collection from captivity in Russia back to the Chabad-Lubavitch movement. The old volume of Gemara Yevamos that Rabbi Cunin held in his hands as he was singing belonged to the Rebbe Maharash (1834-1883) and was recently redeemed before being sold at an auction house in Jerusalem. [Picture shows returning the Redeemed Sefer to the Rebbe’s Room]

Chabad musicians helped record a new nigunim album that was debuted at the Kinus Hashluchim.


Waiting in Line Among the Trees

Skyline View

Fervently Davening

The Many Kvitlach With Many Prayers, Hopes and Good Wishes

16 November 2017


By Roy S. Neuberger

“There was a famine in the land, aside from the first famine that was in the days of Avraham, and Yitzchak went to Avimelech, king of the Pilishtim…” (Beraishis 26:1)

Why do famines occur so often in the days of our Avos and Imahos? There were famines in the days of Avraham and Yitzchak. Then, of course, Yaakov and the Shvatim descended to Mitzraim as the result of a famine, the latter being the precursor to our entire Redemption and the revelation of the Torah at Har Sinai

In the Shema, we read these fateful words: “Beware for yourselves, lest your heart be seduced and you turn astray and serve gods of others and prostrate yourselves to them. Then the wrath of Hashem will blaze against you. He will restrain the heaven so there will be no rain, and the ground will not yield its produce and you will be swiftly banished from the goodly Land that Hashem gives you!” (Dvarim 11:13-17) The Torah makes it crystal clear. A famine, and the resulting Golus, occurs in response to some deficiency on our part. 
Golus does not occur because of the sins of the other nations. As the possuk shows, golus comes about because of some problem in our behavior. Although the Shechina accompanies us into exile (see Megillah 29a), it is also hidden from us, and we are responsible for this terrible and tragic situationWhat causes famine? 

There is a terrible drought in Eretz Yisroel at this very moment. The Kinneret is forecast to hit its lowest level ever – please note that word – before the winter rains. And who knows whether there will be winter rains! A government spokesman was quoted recently as saying, “No one imagined we would face a sequence of arid years like this, because it never happened before.” 

But it did happen before! We are reading about it in the parshios!

In Israel, they are already saying “tal u’matar livracha” in Shemoneh Esreh. I believe that we all need to daven with tears, because tears are keneged the rain we need to fall on Eretz Yisroel!

We have to ask ourselves what is wrong. The possukim we have just quoted tell us that, when sufficient rain does not fall, it is because the heart of Am Yisroel has been “seduced” and we are “turning astray” to serve “gods of others and bow to them.” This is about as serious as you can get. This is deep danger. We have to search for answers.

My friends, I am writing this article at a computer. I turn on lights and use a cell phone. I don’t ride on a hoverboard, but I know a choshuve rabbi who was knocked down on the street by one that ran out of control. 

“In the six hundredth year of Noach’s life … on that day all the fountains of the great deep burst forth and the windows of the heavens were opened.” (Beraishis 7:11)

The Zohar (1:117a) understands this possuk as a prophetic allusion to the year in the Sixth Millennium of history, corresponding to the civil year 1840, in which the gates of spiritual wisdom (above) and the gates of material wisdom (below) will be opened. In secular history, this is basically the year in which the “Industrial Revolution” began, a moment which is generally regarded in Western Culture as the basis for the fulfillment of history, which will supposedly transform the world into a “paradise on earth.” 

My friends, we all make use, to some extent, of this technological world. But we have to be extremely vigilant not to regard the technological revolution as an ideal. Our ideals are clearly defined by the Torah, and they relate to the “windows of the heavens” as opposed to the “fountains of the great deep.” They relate to kedusha. They relate to the Geulah Shelemah and our final return from Golus. They relate to the Bais Hamikdosh and the return of the Shechina to Tzion. They relate to the ideal expressed in the possuk, “Ki Mi Tzion … from Tzion the Torah will come forth and the word of Hashem from Yerushalayim!” (Yeshiah 2:3)

We have a relative who had a serious problem with a tumor. It happened that many of her neighbors also had tumors, some malignant, and it was suggested that they bring a radiation expert to the neighborhood. This expert surveyed our relative’s house, and the results were staggering. The amount of radioactivity was extreme. Not even mentioning cell towers and radiation-emitting appliances like microwave ovens, even “innocent,” low-tech lighting fixtures, cordless telephones and irresponsible wiring were the apparent cause of extremely dangerous levels of radiation. We really do not understand the power that has been unleashed. 

I heard recently that a certain country has admitted a robot to citizenship. This is supposed to be a little bit of a joke. I don’t think it is a joke. Things are getting seriously out of control. I am sorry to say that the nations of the world seem to have no understanding of the implications of the power unleashed from the “great deep.”

This is an extremely dangerous moment in history. The ringing of the cell phone, the alluring song of the surrounding culture, the obsession with its ideals and glittering gadgets … “their idols are silver and gold, the handiwork of man.… Oh Israel, trust in Hashem!” (Tehillim 115) 

My friends, we need healing rain in Eretz Yisroel. We need rivers of tears! We need the waters of the Kinneret to rise. We need to beg Hashem to save us! 

“Remember the one [Yitzchak Avinu] born with the tidings of, ‘Let some water be brought.’ You told his father to … spill his blood like water. He too was scrupulous to pour out his heart like water…. For his sake, do not hold back water!” (Tefillos Geshem)

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MK Eichler: Too Much Violence and Arrests on Jerusalem Light Rail

As a follow-up to my post yesterday, Frum Man Arrested (beat up) For Not Paying Fare

MK Eichler: Too Much Violence And Too Many Arrests On The Jerusalem Light Rails YWN

In light of the violent incidents on the light rail, and following numerous requests to the Public Inquiries Committee, the Knesset Ombudsman Committee met with the directors of CityPass, which operates the Jerusalem light rail. During the course of the discussion, many questions arose regarding the treatment by the inspectors and police officers. Among other things, the passengers who paid for the trip, and because they did not validate the ticket when entering the train, their bank account was fined directly in the amount of 360 NIS.

The committee chairman, MK Yisrael Eichler said at the start of the discussion: “The fact that the citizen must validate the ticket apart from the payment leads to a trap that creates an atmosphere saturated with tension on the train. The traveler who paid should be fined?”

Obviously, Eicher in the comments above is addressing those who pay for a ticket from the machine at a stop, and not those using a smart card which must be validated to permit removing a ride from the card’s balance.

MK Eichler clarified: “A passenger who has not paid, it is clear to everyone that he should be fined. But on the other hand, most of the people who fined have paid for the ticket and can prove it on the device held by the inspector. Here there must be a measure of compassion and discretion before imposing a fine of 180 NIS, and even more so before one’s bank account is targeted by authorities.”

Here, the chairman of the committee, who spoke at the meeting, said: “Something bad happens on the light train, and in the last incidents that were filmed, the inspectors and the police behaved like wild animals, shouting and humiliating and tying people as if they were terrorists and knives. You are responsible for what will occur on the light rail in the future.”

The CEO responded to the claims: “We are not looking for fines for the money, but for people to understand that it is necessary to validate one’s ticket. I am not ashamed to say that there is a desire to create deterrence here. An inspector in the field meets close to thirty thousand people a day to check whether he has validated the card. I cannot guarantee that every such meeting will be successful. When you get a parking ticket or speed, you do not meet the fine person on the car window, and that’s why we take people off the train, and we do not want to do it in front of everyone. Our guidelines are to do the work respectfully, but firmly. Those who do not have the money should not board the train”. [me: Aha! They want to create friction as a deterrence. This could be termed harassment.]

At the end of the discussion, Eichler announced that the committee intends to submit a bill that will create a hierarchy between the cases and distinguish between a passenger who paid for the trip but not a validate the ticket and a passenger who did not pay. 

“Eichler said, adding that the committee would review the procedures for issuing the reports.” Why do you create a direct meeting between a supervisor and a passenger? You can identify the passenger by the card and send the report home. It is the direct meeting which causes the friction and leads to the violence”.

Eichler is also probing why the Ministry of Transportation has not become involved to probe the recent violence surrounding conflicts between train inspectors and passengers.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

ALSO: JERUSALEM LIGHT RAIL: 13,000 FINES IN 4 MONTHS: MK Eichler calls for an immediate investigation of Citypass; hundreds of people have filed complaints with CityPass over the NIS 168 fines. (2012) A class-action lawsuit is also currently in the works, led by 15 people who said they received fines through no fault of their own. JPOST.

30 PASSENGERS SUE J’LEM LIGHT RAIL: Lawsuit claims CityPass fined commuters despite being aware of flaws in the train’s ticketing system. “It doesn’t make sense that there is such a big mass of people getting these fines,” said Cohen. “They’re not criminals, you can see that they already paid. It’s not about money. They’re not thieves, they just don’t understand where to swipe [their card]. If there are so many fines, doesn’t that bring up a red light? You think that everyone in the State of Israel is a thief? Obviously the problem is with you guys.JPOST