30 March 2011

Million Muslim March

Sorry, couldn't resist this.

The Million Man March has been stolen and usurped
and morphed into
The Million Muslim March
15 May 2011

Threatening to flood Eretz Yisrael with renegade Arabs claiming refugee status

Will 'Big Chief Laughing Bull' Barak have the IDF shoot rubber ducky rubber bullets at the invading hoards?

Or will the Iron Dome repell the invaders by flinging them into the air and back into the desert from whence they came 1500 years ago?

I am canceling my FACEBOOK page, which was only started as a requirement by my class instructor. It's a basically a setting for mostly inappropriate use of language.

Yes I know some good things have come about as a result, but it's not really an intelligent forum.

We can see this from here and here!

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