06 October 2021

Rabbi Weissman: Historical Lessons from Yirmiya Part 2

Historical Lessons from Yirmiya - Part 2

Eved Melech the Cushi is an obscure figure. It is uncertain that this was even his name. Metzudas David writes that his actual name was indeed Eved Melech, and he was dark-skinned like an Ethiopian (Cushi). Targum Yonasan ben Uziel and Radak translate the words literally as “an Ethiopian servant of the king”, who remains unnamed.

Rashi cites the Midrashic interpretation that identifies Eved Melech as Baruch ben Nerya, the main disciple of Yirmiya. However, this is extremely unlikely, being that Baruch was mentioned by name in many other places, and there is no reason for his identity to be masked in the incident that we will soon discuss. (It is common for the Midrash to identify two different people as one and the same to metaphorically compare them. The most famous examples are Hagar/Ketura and Lavan/Bilam. The latter lived centuries apart.)

In Chapter 38 of Yirmiya, the fall of Jerusalem is imminent. The city has been under siege by the Babylonians for years, and there is hardly any bread left. Many of the residents have fled to neighboring countries (where the sword ultimately followed them) or surrendered to the Babylonians. Yirmiya had been imploring them to do the latter, prophesying that if they surrender, the city and their lives will be spared. 

At this time he was languishing in a pit, submerged in tar and left to die. The king's officers, who wanted to hold out until the bitter end, had cast him there.

Tzidkiyahu, the final king of this era, was a complicated character in his own right (more on him later). He displayed sympathy for Yirmiya, but he was a puppet leader, and he expressed powerlessness before his own officers (verse 5).

This is where Eved Melech comes in. He heard that Yirmiya had been removed from his previous, relatively safe imprisonment in one of the palace courtyards and thrown into the pit. The king had gone to the gate of Binyamin, and Eved Melech left the palace to go after him. When Eved Melech found Tzidkiyahu, he said as follows in verse 9: “My lord the king, these men have done evil with all they have done to Yirmiyahu the prophet, that they cast him into the pit. Had they left him in his place he would have died from the famine, for there is no more bread in the city.”

In other words, Yirmiya was going to die of starvation anyway, because everyone was starving, and the officers should not have actively hastened his death by casting him into the pit.

The king accepted these words. He commanded Eved Melech to take thirty men and raise Yirmiya from the pit before he died. Chazal explain that normally only three men would have been needed, but because they were all weak from hunger, they needed ten times that number.

Yirmiya's life was saved by an anonymous black servant who went out of his way during a dire famine to intercede on his behalf before an impotent king with much more on his mind.

Hashem later gave Yirmiya the following message:

“Go say to Eved Melech the Ethiopian as follows. So says Hashem the Lord of Hosts, the G–D of Israel: Behold I am bringing My words to this city for harm and not for good, and you will see it before you on that day. And you will be saved on that day, says Hashem, and you will not be given into the hands of those before whom you fear. For I will surely rescue you, and you will not fall by the sword, and your life will be like spoils for you, because you trusted in Me. So says Hashem.” (39:15-18)

While Hashem was bringing cataclysmic destruction upon Jerusalem and its people, He made a point to single out an obscure person who was low on the social ladder to receive special divine protection.

Notice that Hashem did not reward Eved Melech specifically for saving Yirmiya's life, but for trusting in Him. It was not the result that earned Eved Melech the divine protection – something that was beyond his control – but the moral courage to try.

Do you feel insignificant? Do you feel as if you are being swept along by the massive upheavals in our time, and it doesn't matter what you do? Do you believe you are powerless to make a difference when rotten people control everything?

Eved Melech proves that you are very significant, and Hashem is keeping track of everything you do. Your efforts to save someone might seem far-fetched, but they matter. Some of these efforts might even be successful; you might save a life!

Either way, you might just save your own.

To be continued...




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These people are awesome: How We WON The Battle of The Covid Tests

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I'd love to see a propaganda mashup that shows sold-out "rabbis" pushing the needles alongside the most anti-religious creeps doing the same. 

1. https://www.ou.org/watch-community-rabbis-on-the-importance-of-getting-vaccinated/

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964 PAGES of personal testimonies to the Ministry of Health

The Mafia of Health can hardly delete them fast enough.  How much longer will they be allowed to walk around as free people, let alone practice medicine?

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Aaron Glatt, the Five Towns Fauci, is still blabbering before wild-eyed admirers.  He dismisses the huge numbers of medical professionals giving up their jobs instead of taking the crapcine, referring to it as a political matter.  He denies that a single person died from the crapcine.  After all, people die eventually anyway, and there is no reason to believe the crapcine had anything to do with it.  (The exact opposite is true when it comes to "covid deaths", of course.) 

As always, his essential message is shut up and do what you're told.  He claims that "99.9% of doctors" agree that you should take it, there is "not one" infectious disease doctor in the United States who is against it, if Rav Kanievsky ruled that we all have to wear only one shoe no one would dare disagree, and on and on.  Only "a handful of doctors" disagree, and of course "they are not experts".  He doesn't know one Rav who said it's forbidden to take it, and can't even imagine such a thing.

This man is a total clown, a sorry excuse for a false prophet, and went to court multiple times to make sure a dying woman couldn't fill her prescription for Ivermectin.  Just like his spiritual twin, Five Towns Fauci decides what is true by declaring it is so, and decides what is false by dismissing it. 

He should be excommunicated and driven out of the community until a proper tribunal can be arranged, assuming G–D doesn't relieve the world of him before then. 


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Yasher Koach. Excellent post.

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Think that this Eved Melech might be the one who was given eternal life and lived very long and walked straight into Gan Eden because he saved Yirmiyahu Hanovi!