12 February 2019

Alternative Living on a Tight Budget

There is an Amazing Movement in America that Offers Families Budgetable Living – Downsize Lifestyle – New Olim should Consider This While Deciding Where and What:

Give up Gashmius – Reduce Your Overhead – Living in your Means – Revolutionize the Outrageous Kablanim and Housing Problem

This skoolie tiny home tour is very informative for all of those who are considering this lifestyle. I would I could have sat down with this awesome couple before I purchased my bus! DIY Skoolie Built For Off Grid Living + Insights Into Building & Living In A Tiny House

Old Denver city bus transformed as young family's comfy home

Facing an unaffordable housing market, Scott and Emily bought a retired Denver city bus at auction and rebuilt it as a spacious home for themselves and children. With no building experience, they relied on help from family and online resources.

They designed DIY transforming furniture to make the “rooms” serve double duty. Using a kit, Emily and her father built a murphy bed so the largest room in the bus can transform from kids’ play room to master bedroom. Scott and Emily hacked IKEA beds to create “living room” couches that transform into a large guest bed. Since Scott works from home, the back of the bus serves as kids’ bedroom (with one lofted bed) as well as home office.

The couple had already downsized their stuff before buying the bus when they spent a year living out of 36 liter backpacks. The bus was an upgrade, though they continue to live with tiny wardrobes and fairly limited belongings.

Tiny House School Bus Conversion: Take a tour!
Over the course of a year, my wife and I transformed a school bus into a tiny home for our family. Today our school bus conversion serves as a cozy sanctuary for our family of five.

Spacious RV CONVERTED into Gorgeous TINY HOME

[don’t know if the Govt would allow this, but it is an option to experience Israel w/o the financial woes. also don’t know what types of vehicles are available for this transformation. this alternate living style is also entering the european countries. Of course, they have a larger earth map to travel]

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