17 November 2018

Drone Journey to Mount Sinai

Drone Journey to the REAL Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia!

Captivating video: Travel from the Red Sea to the TRUE mountain of God- Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia, discovered by Ron Wyatt.


Anonymous said...

Shavua tov...

thanks so much for putting this on your blog.

The music was so beautiful...

i have no idea why... but i was crying watching this.

Thanks again..

God bless.


Anonymous said...

me again..

watched it all, read some comments... did not like the comments..

but... The video was nice... the voice singing, at first i thought it might be Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach...

But guess not..


Neshama said...

Yes, its better not to read comments, usually full of lashon hara. And, I too, had tremendous feelings while watching this. That’s why I posted it. You can see how the Saudis roped off the areas.

Anonymous said...

Further to this claim.. (although the video was very enjoyable).

I saw that Rabbi Rabbi Chaim Richmond of Temple Talk, says the Temple is located where the Temple Mount is today, next to the Kotel.

Further on doing a search of the same(i have read the book) : The mountain of God, by Robert Cornuke and David Haldbrook, and then there are others that say they are wrong.. its not in Saudi Arabia.

This is from a christian site but you may look at it or as you please.

There seems to be in this article that there are many more sites that people claim is the site of the orignal Mount Sinai.


It is best to wait for Mashiach and just leave all to Hashem.