22 June 2016

What is That BIG RED BALL in the Sky?

WSO June 21 Updates - What is that BIG RED BALL?

Plus photos of …… OBJECTS IN THE SKIES OVER OUR HEADS – Soon to be visible with the Eye and without a Camera

And the Strawberry Moon


GoldieZP said...

the red ball in the first pic is a reflection from the lens in my opinion. I say this because I just now took a pic from my samsung flip phone and 3 of the 4 pics had this red ball glare. I suppose the way I was holding the camera was the cause.

Neshama said...

No, Goldie, I don’t think so. According to Steve Olson THAT is the BIG RED ORB they have been following for months. A lens flare which you are referring to, I think, is different.

Anonymous said...

A lens flare would be in front of the clouds, not behind like in the photo. I believe that is the main difference one can tell right away.

GoldieZP said...

Take a look at one of the four pics that I refer to regarding my red ball / flare