07 June 2016

Amazing Videos on Nibiru and the ISS (International Space Station)

Amazing Videos
I cannot capsulize the contents – Must see and hear for yourself

This video shows how the ISS is being used to HIDE evidence in Space

This one is about the "Cloaking Device” used on the Sun.

The following is from the AbsoluteTruth613 blog, and very important to keep in mind:

"I heard back in the 1960's that our sun was probably within a binary star system, that means two suns that revolve around each other. It was confirmed in the 1980's when the first telescopic pictures were taken of Nibiru, a dwarf star that is the companion to our sun. Because of its small size for a sun, it has a very elongated elliptical orbit around our sun.

"Planet X or the tenth planet in our solar system is a completely different subject and has nothing to do with Nibiru. Since the global elite are keeping everything Top Secret, they decided to capitalize on the misinformation of people thinking that Nibiru and Planet X are the same. The deception works well with a totally uneducated world population.

"You can demote a planet, but you can't change it to star status. That is like saying we decided that Mercury is too small to be a planet, we should call it a comet. A planet is a planet and a star is a sun. Nibiru is a dwarf sun that is greatly diminished in strength and almost appears as a planet, but it isn't. It still has its own heat and light generating capability. It also has its own solar system of 7 planets and /or moons and a very large debris field in its wake. As it gets much closer, the governments of the world will not be able to hide it anymore and information and visibility will be prevalent."

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