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15 December 2011

Tamar Says it Straight

Kol HaKavod Tamar Yonah, who wrote

It's time for an Israeli Spring!

The Secular Left Israelis are fighting for their liberation. They came here to Israel to make a utopian communist/socialist state, devoid of the 'old religious world'. But what they got was a fraud, a sham!

The state turned out to be a "Jewish' one, with it's national anthem a testimony to the two thousand year 'hope' that the Jews would return to Israel to be a JEWISH state. Jewish Holy Days like Shabbat are a dagger in their travel and shopping plans, and Yom Kippur is a nuisance where just about everything is closed. Passover is a pain, having to go out of your way to find bread, as G-d forbid they should not eat leavened products for a whoooooole week.

The radio opens up every morning with the 'Shema Yisrael' prayer. The flag looks like a Jewish Prayer Shawl with a Jewish Star in it, and drat, 'That One' up in heaven keeps making miracles happen - with a 6 day war and the liberation of even more Holy Land being returned to and re-settled by Jews. And worse, the IDF is seeing a majority of Kippah wearing officers, and the population in Israel is moving towards being religious - due to their birth rate and the Tshuva movement.

...And now, the Settler-Jews are fighting back, not letting us make them homeless. The nerve!

Enough! A disgrace! It has to stop! If we are going to be a Jewish State, no one in the world will like us. We won't be part of the 'Boy's club'. We are the 'Enlightened ones'! How do we handle these 'Jews'?

It's time for an Israeli Spring!

The Arabs are doing it, so why can't we? We can now shirk off this Jewish baggage! Don't worry about there being a civil war, as a civil war is between brothers, and those religious settlers are not my brothers.

“It is a shame the army did not shoot [ the Jewish Youth].” Former Defense Minister Ben-Eliezer called them “terrorists” and said the IDF had an obligation to shoot at the attackers with live fire. "I am Prime Minister of 98 percent of the nation, and not of 2 percent." - Late PM Yitzchak Rabin

“Let them spin like propellers, for all the good it will do them" - Late PM Yitzchak Rabin - Source

Boycott the Settlements!

"Israel wants to be raped by the U.S." - Ha'aretz Editor David Landau - Source

“Soon, very soon, the anger (against the right) that fills our souls will seep into our veins, which will burst in fury. Soon, the silent majority will stop their own bleeding, and instead will spill (the right's) blood." And, “This will not be a war between brothers; because they are not our brothers,” Shem-or continued. “Technically this war could be termed a civil war, since we all carry the same blue Israeli identity cards. But those whom we will go to war against are only citizens on the outside; they are the bloodsuckers of the nation, the eaters of its flesh."
"They, with their peyot (sidelocks) blowing in the breeze of the 'holy spirit.' They, with the brightness of their eyes, focused on their 'truth.' They, with their Yeshivot where bloodletting is taught where they are taught before entering the army that the order of the Rabbi is superior to the order of the commander. Soon we will silence them; soon they will drown in their own blood." - Left wing journalist Yonatan Shem - Source

After Shimon Peres was defeated in the race for Prime Minister of Israel in 1996, he declared, "The Jews have won. The Israelis have lost." - Haaretz journalist Daniel Ben Simon the day following Shimon Peres' defeat. Source and another Source

"They hate the Sabbath and they hate the laws of Judaism and they hate the yeshivas and they hate the rabbis. And they hate being Jewish and they hate God and they hate Zionism and a Jewish state and the need to be different - and they hate Kahane for representing all this. And they hate the bitter reality of hundreds of thousands supporting and marching for and believing in all the things that they hate, and so they are prepared to use any and all means to destroy the Jews and Jewishness. And the most frightening and dangerous thing is that, in all this ugliness, I have seen and recognized the face of Hatred and Murder Past." -Rabbi Meir Kahane

Yes, the Left may indeed be marking the start of their 'Israeli Spring'. But if they don't succeed, maybe they'd like Miami or Boca Raton? They don't have to be Jews there, and they can leave their 'Jewish' baggage behind in Israel.


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