16 December 2011

Fear Motivates

"The TRUTH will set you free"

Gingrich tells the truth, the "Palestinians are an invention".
Clinton does not deny Gingrich's statement, she only views it as "not helpful".

Tamar Yonah and Caroline Glick say it like no one else.

In Caroline's Column One, "Violent Rioters and Media Goons," today, erev Shabbat Vayaishev, she writes:

"MUSLIM RIOTERS aren’t the only ones who use violence to force the government’s hand. Leftist rioters routinely resort to violence to get their way as well.

"When on Wednesday Netanyahu failed label the religious Zionist rioters a terrorist organization, he opted instead to liken them to the leftist anarchists. Every Friday these anarchists, supported by NGOs such as Gush Shalom, join Palestinians in violently rioting against IDF soldiers guarding construction of the security barrier in places such as Bil’in, Ni’lin, Nabi Musa and Neveh Tzuf.

"These organized, planned riots have been taking place regularly since 2002. Their organizers have spent next to no time in jail. The Justice Ministry has not asked to define them as a terror group. Their members have not been tried in military courts or placed in administration detention. Little intelligence has been gathered about them.

"...in June 2005, demonstrators led by Gush Shalom and by Arab MKs held violent protests in three villages. Protesters attacked IDF soldiers with rocks and clubs. At one such protest near Bil’in, IDF Cpl. Michael Schwartzman lost an eye. He and his comrades were stoned by Jewish and Arab protesters who called them “Hitler,” and “Eichmann.” None of the protesters apologized for injuring him. Indeed, in a radio interview the next week, MK Ahmed Tibi claimed Schwartzman brought his injury on himself."

"...In stark contrast, on Tuesday alongside its condemnation and demonization of Monday night’s violent national religious protesters, Haaretz published a eulogy to Palestinian rioter Mustafa Tamimi who was killed last Friday by IDF troops at Nabi Musa as he stoned their vehicle. The article lionizing Tamimi was written by Jonathan Pollack, the head of the anti-Zionist Anarchists against the Fence group that organizes the weekly anti-IDF riots. Violent riots against IDF soldiers at Nabi Musa are planned for this Friday as well." This another must read by Caroline (may G-d Bless her and keep her well).

The Zohar implies that the head of the "erev rav"
at the time when Moshiach comes will be
named Binyamin ....

Bibi Netanyahu might have found his backbone, but someone point him in the right direction, please.

The commotion in the news, the upset over the Land, the threats over the Mughrabi bridge, and the fear of Muslim rioting is creating chaos, the Government is fearful that they will not be able to control the possible uprisings and Arab rage surrounding the Temple Mount. So what do they do, they go after the boys who fight for the Honor of the Land that belongs rightfully to the Jews, instead of standing up against the "inventors", the hypocrites, and deceivers that only want to devour what belongs to the Jews and the G-d of the Jews.

But this type of chaos
is just what could bring everything to a
breathtaking climax
and lead us into the final days ....

Shabbat Shalom!


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