04 December 2011

Only Democracy in ME under Attack ... by friendly country??

Are American Officials Mis-Representing the American Position toward Israel?
Or has it officially changed and we are just now
reading about it?
(silly question)

US Ambassador explaining the difference between anti-semitism and the hatred of Semitic Arabs against Israelis to a shocked Jewish audience!

"U.S. Ambassador To Belgium Linking Surge In Anti-Semitism To Israel: Ambassador Gutman who told his stunned Jewish conference attendants in Brussels earlier this week, that “a distinction should be made between traditional anti-Semitism, which should be condemned and Muslim hatred for Jews, which stems from the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians” and went on to advocate diplomatic concessions by Israel to Arab adversaries as a way to reduce the prevalence of anti-Semitism among Muslims."

"In a major address on U S. Middle East policy to the Brookings Institution U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta gave us a clear picture of the Obama Administration’s view of the region. Secretary of Defense Panetta Shows How the Obama Administration is Selling Out Israel and US Interests" (Barry Rubin, Gloria Center)

Barry Rubin sounds livid here: "It is dangerously and absurdly wrong. This administration totally and completely, [is] dangerously and disastrously for U.S. interests misunderstand the Middle East. They are 180 degrees off course, that is heading in the opposite direction of safety....It is now an enemy; it is on the other side. Again, the issue is not mainly bilateral relations but the administration’s help and encouragement to those forces that are Israel’s biggest enemies, that want to rekindle war, and that are 100 percent against a two-state solution. And I don’t mean the Palestinian Authority, I mean the Islamists.

After adding fuel to the fire,
anti-semitism increasing:

Police Investigating 'Judaica' Store Fire As Possible Hate Crime Hollyland Judaica. "The bookstore sustained major interior damage, and many of the holy books and other items inside the store were destroyed in the fire. “I’m shocked when I see it. It’s really a disaster here,” said a friend of the book store’s owner."

Doesn't this sound like pre-Shoah Europe?

"Students attending Oak Park High School are shocked by the incident,“It’s crazy, Oak Park is supposed to be a nice school,” A student is facing charges after he used anti-Semitic slurs against a Jewish girl and then lit her hair on fire." (nice school, nice student .........)

New Haven, CT - Rabbi Calls For More Protection Following Attack on Prominent Yeshiva Student "The 14 year old high school student, son of a well known Boston rabbi and chaplain to the Boston Police Department, was attacked at 5:20 PM on Thanksgiving just one block away from his dormitory and two blocks away from the Yeshiva of New Haven. The ninth grader was approached ... by a group of five youths who punched him in the face, knocking him unconscious for a brief moment and taking his wallet..." (again, that mysterious group of .......)

American Jews just cannot see the forest for the trees.
They are so heavily invested in the American Goldene Medina
that they don't see the signs pointing the way
to disaster chv"s.
Every week we hear about more and more sporadic anti-semitic incidents.

Speaking at the Saban Forum in Washington, Clinton alleged that Israel is showing signs of becoming anti-democratic ... U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton switched from foreign to domestic issues to put down Israel ... expressing worries over “anti-democratic” proposals. Knesset Member Uri Ariel suggests that Secretary of State mind her own business, and two Cabinet ministers said the same, in more patronizing language.

Israel IS the ONLY democracy in the Middle East and thus was America's best ally.

But now that America has moved to the other side,
The only Democratic country in the Middle East is under attack.

By Clinton claiming she fears for Israel's democracy, America has actually declared it is on a path to undermine that very democracy.

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