11 December 2011

Beautiful Sun Earth Moon Eclipse Pictures

Beautiful Sun Earth Moon Eclipse Pictures

In this photo you can see a speckled sketch of North America and South America

Over the Golden Gate Bridge

From Africa

Be sure to read
at End of Days.

Fascinating, truly fascinating, a MUST READ.

Here's an excerpt: "...So if there is exactly one minute as a degree for every year since 5700, then 5772 is sunrise on the Final Redemption even if this process of redemption is 100% B'itah. And at sunrise Peniel "The Face of G-d" heals Ya'akov of his limp. Now in Kabbalah, Ya'akov's thigh is Mashiach ben Yosef. When Esav's eyes fall out of his head when Chushim ben Dan cuts off his head, the eyes fall out onto Ya'akov's thighs. The Eyes of Esav, his ainayim ra'ot (evil eyes) represent Amalek, and when they fall on Ya'akov's thighs, it represents the destruction of Amalek at the hands of Mashiach ben Yosef. "

Are Dov's calculations a ray of light from Shomayim? ...
Are we ready?

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