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14 November 2011

AMERICA WAKE UP: Escalation of Anti-Semitism

A few headlines that speak volumes

Jewish American Community in Danger. From Caroline Glick's article of 11.11.11:

"This year at Jewish Federations of North America's annual General Assembly, they invited the newly minted anti-Israel activist Peter Beinhart to speak. They also showcased the Boston Globe's resident anti-Israel columnist James Carroll. These moves as well as much of the program of the 3-day conference which presented several panels discussing whether anti-Zionists should be embraced by the community are indicative of the advanced suicidal tendencies of the American Jewish community.

"This is a community that has for generations seamlessly merged its definition of Judaism with leftist politics. And now that this generation of leftists has cast its lot with the anti-Semites, the young American Jews coming of age have embraced anti-Semitism to show their moral purity.

"It may have once gone without saying, but apparently it is no longer obvious that this embrace of Jew hatred by young American Jews is a death embrace for the community. "

One commenter to Caroline's article, wrote anonymously, the following:

"This is not overreacting at all. There is a steady, constant errosion of sanity and a large percentage (majority?) of Jews are heading down a suicidal path. In so doing, they will bring every single one of us down. It's shocking to think that evangelical Christians are more supportive of Jews and Israel than many Jews appear to be. (And, for what it's worth, how long can we expect them to champion us if we cannot champion ourselves.) For years I have scratched my head in wonder at this frightening trend. I simply cannot explain it. All I know is that we need to be bold and brave, doing every single thing in our power to survive. Because at the rate things are going, a second Holocaust is going to overwhelm us. Sometimes it feels completely surreal to witness this unfolding....Thank G-d for Caroline Glick, Pamela Geller, and others for putting themselves on the front lines every day in this battle for our survival (which ultimately, may well be a survival for the West)."

And also the following:

Breitbart TV interview with "Occupy LA" protester: 'I have no problem dismembering anybody'.

And, supposed Jewish Anti-Israel, Jew-Baiting Cartoonist, South African Jonathan Shapiro, a/k/a "ZAPIRO" - "His cartoons often cross the line between anti-Israel criticism and outright anti-Jewish bigotry, as in this latest offering, which appeared in South Africa’s Cape Times:

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann says developments in the Middle East are setting the stage for nuclear war against Israel. Bachmann warned that Iran’s attempt to develop a nuclear weapons is part of a regional push against Israel. She said Iran is working with countries like Syria and groups like Hamas to push its agenda.

That means “the table is being set for worldwide nuclear war against Israel,” she said.

As the ADL reported previously, Anti-Semitism is on the increase in America. Here are just a few recent incidents. When the economy in a country unravels, it is often accompanied by anti Jewish sentiments and attacks. This is very evident in the "occupy" frenzies happening in many cities of the US.

Williamsburg, NY - Hatzolah were requested late Friday night to a 51-year-old Hasidic man who was unconscious after being beaten by three perpetrators at Lee Avenue corner Ross Street. NYPD and Williamsburg Shomrim Patrol are investigating the incident. The victim was transported to Bellevue Hospital with a fractured nose and injured eye.

Williamsburg, NY - An elderly woman died this afternoon at Brooklyn Hospital from her injuries after a livery cab mowed her down and sped off in Brooklyn, police said.

Brooklyn, NY - Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) is calling upon witnesses to the horrific Ocean Parkway arson which saw three vehicles torched and burned in the Midwood section of Brooklyn this past Friday to come forward. Graffiti, including swastikas and the letters KKK and SS, was found sprayed on and around the cars.

Statement By NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg On The Anti-Semitic Vandalism In Midwood. “The fact that this most recent attack came on the heels of the 73rd anniversary of Kristalnacht may or may not be a coincidence. Either way, this kind of hateful act has no place in the freest city in the freest country in the world.”

Queens, NY - The NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force has arrested a man suspected of spray-painting swastikas on houses of worship and libraries that have roiled northwestern Queens since last week. A Jackson Heights man has been charged with four counts of criminal mischief as a hate crime for allegedly painting the hated Nazi symbol on two area libraries, a synagogue and a church.

These incidents should be taken as warning signs to change your ways. It's been like this in every Galus we have been in. Once materialism gets the upper hand, the cohesion of the community unravels.

Forget about "bigger and better" "ultra" this and that, "new" and "newest". Women, lower your skirts, allow more breathing space between your garments and your body. "A must have" is not a "must."

Adherence to a healthy religious lifestyle is needed. American Jews are being called to reform some of their ways, to increase their compassion and chessed toward one another. Inquire about that elderly single person, show care for the elderly couple struggling to meet every day, look after the young single mothers with children to raise. Invite them for a 'homey' Shabbos. Call and ask if they need a ride somewhere, or if you can bring them something. Ask if the single mother needs clothing for her children?

Increased insularity will only add fuel to the fire, and feed divisiveness. An increase in acts of kindness is needed, together with greater devotion to the old ways of communal living when times were tough, forego the newest technological creations, rely on what you have now, and increase family cohesiveness. Stay at home more, spend more time with children, those still living at home and even marrieds. Don't eat out so much, prepare meals at home so the family can be together more.

Families are suffering. Attend less tzedaka functions, less simchas, send or deliver your donations and gifts ... All in order to be able to spend more time with your family.

There is so much more that can be suggested, but it should come from your hearts and from your creativity.


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