03 June 2009

Yes, We Can!

From his speech in Riyadah, Saudi Arabia:

"Obama suggested parties to the conflict were engaged in a constant "Kabuki dance" he hoped to break down by holding up a mirror" ... [what in the world is a kabuki dance and who's reflection is in the mirror?]

"There are a lot of Arab countries more concerned about Iran developing a nuclear weapon than the 'threat' from Israel, but won't admit it,"

"There are a lot of Arab states that have not been particularly helpful to the Palestinian cause beyond a bunch of demagoguery," and when it comes to "ponying up" money to actually help the Palestinian people, they are "not forthcoming" ...."

"There are a lot of Palestinians" ... who "recognize that the constant incitement and negative rhetoric with respect to Israel"  has not delivered a single "benefit to their people and had they taken a more constructive approach and sought the moral high ground" they would be much better off today -- but they won't say it aloud."

"There are a lot of Israelis" ... "who recognize that their current path is unsustainable, and they need to make some tough choices on settlements to achieve a two-state solution -- that is in their long-term interest -- but not enough folks are willing to recognize that publicly."

"We have a joke around the White House," ... "We're just going to keep on telling the truth until it stops working -- and nowhere is truth-telling more important than the Middle East."

I wonder where the joke will land after Iran sends their nuclear air-mail message?

Full Reuters article here

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