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14 November 2017

The Education of Israeli Children in Jeopardy


Reform Jewry working hard to penetrate 
Israeli public school system
"For the non-believers, one can view towards the end of the video there is a portion that was sent in by a teacher in Herzliya’s Illanot School, showing the bulletin boards in a sixth grade classroom full of crucifixes and education about Yeshu, which is now being taught in that school R”L…."YWN

Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi - Reform Synagogue Halacha

MaNoach Reforms and Conservatives

Conservatives, Reform, The Secular Court And More…

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Anonymous said...

All this is known to the leaders and is being allowed because they are working day and night to destroy the Jewishness of the 'Jewish' state. Their war is against the Ribbono Shel Olam! The Reform are the mercenaries being used to do the job, r'l. Why are people everywhere asleep when so much evil is going on everywhere in the world, allowing all this to happen?