26 June 2016

Jewish Children in Israel are in Mortal, Divine and Spiritual Danger

The Israeli Government and Security Divisions suffer from Cognitive Dissonance 
(beside a bunch of other dastardly sins)
because they fail to differentiate between enemies and the innocent

Around 3:00 a.m. on Friday, a large force comprised of police officers, detectives and the Israel Security Agency (ISA, also known as the Shin Bet or Shabak) raided a Yitzhar home to arrest a 15-year-old for violating the terms of an administrative order.

"The ISA's Jewish Department's audacity and the arrogance is setting new records," said the father. "To take a 15-year-old child who hasn't done anything and toss him off to an unknown address without coordinating with the family is something done in a democratic country? In the 50s they took Yemenite children in the dark, and now they're trying to remove children from their homes for reeducation in the light of day. The natural place for my son is at home and it's not right that, based on classified information that we have no idea about, he should leave his home."

"The attempt to remove the minor to an isolated spot in southern Israel is similar to rogue nations reeducating people. We are trying to explain to the authorities that they can't treat a child like an object and put him wherever they like. His place is in his parents' home. We hope that someone will come to their senses and not limit the minor's rights like this."

"The nerve and patronizing arrogance of the Jewish Section of the Shabak has broken new records," the father said. "To take a 15-year-old boy who has done nothing, and to throw him to an unknown address without coordination with the family – this is what is done in a democratic country? In the 50's they kidnapped Yemenite children in secret, and now they try to take children from their parents for re-education in broad daylight. The natural place for my son is at home, and it is unacceptable that because of some secret material that we have no idea what it contains, the boy is forced to leave his home.”

Also see: "MK David Biton: ‘Shabak and Mossad chiefs turning leftist’– 'There’s a problem with these positions,' Biton said. 'Meir Dagan was a hardcore right-winger, but after he took control of the Mossad he ended up the opposite. . .The heads of the Shabak and Mossad turn into leftists.' Biton also attacked Yaalon, intimating that he too had been pushed to the left during his tenure as Defense Minister"

State Security Agencies are Not Enough of an Intrusion on the Innocent – Parents of Children will be Usurped of Legality
The Parents and their Children Law is a long term project undertaken by persons associated with the radical left, most notably Judge (ret.) Savyona Rotlevy, who chaired a governmental committee in the 1990s and whose report provided the basis for the bill.
Jewish Home MK Shuli Mualem-Refaeli Wants to Undo Parents’ Legal Guardianship of Jewish Children in Israel.

The bill would strike out items 14 and 15 in Israel’s Legal Capacity and Guardianship Law (1962), which define a child’s parents as his or her legal guardians, and which places them in charge of deciding where the child will live, and of representing the child before the authorities.

In place of the concept of guardianship, the law defines a new concept, “parental responsibility,” which consists mainly of the parents' obligation to respect and uphold a series of “children’s rights” as defined by the bill. The “parental responsibility,” in turn, can be limited or completely taken away by a court, should the authorities decide that the parent is not carrying out his or her “parental responsibility” properly.

The item’s on the list of “children’s rights” are far-ranging and nebulous, including “the right to be educated to a life of social responsibility and to respect of the basic rights of all human beings regardless of race, sex, religion, nationality or origin.”

Also listed as a basic right of children is “the right to freedom of thought, expression, conscience and religion, as well as the right to know their culture and use their language.”

*See below a sampling of comments to this disastrous bill.

Kidnapping Teenagers Without Due Process 
Leads One to Comparisons Reminiscent of : 
The People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs (Народный комиссариат внутренних дел, Narodnyi Komissariat Vnutrennikh Del), abbreviated NKVD, was a law enforcement agency of the Soviet Union that directly executed the will of the All Union Communist Party. It was closely associated with the Soviet secret police, which at times was part of the agency, and is known for its political repression during the era of Joseph Stalin.

The NKVD contained the regular, public police force of the USSR, including traffic police, firefighting, border guards and archives. It is best known for the activities of the Gulag and the Main Directorate for State Security (GUGB), the predecessor of the KGB. The NKVD conducted mass extrajudicial executions, ran the Gulag system of forced labor camps and suppressed underground resistance, and was responsible for mass deportations of entire nationalities and Kulaks to unpopulated regions of the country. It was also tasked with protection of Soviet borders and espionage (which included political assassinations abroad), influencing foreign governments and enforcing Stalinist policy within communist movements in other countries.

The main function of the NKVD was to protect the state security of the Soviet Union. This function was successfully accomplished through massive political repression, including authorized political murders, kidnappings and assassinations, inclusively in its international "secret" operations.

See Also: 'Riot police knocked Torah scroll to the ground’ Witnesses claim police assaulted worshipers, knocked down Torah in order to help Christians enter King David's Tomb.” Riot Police are no different from the rest of Israel’s security system on the far left. The innocents are captive in a system that destroys their soul.

A sampling of comments to this shameful Mualem-Refaeli Bill:

"Jewish Home has no official stance on the issue, and indeed punished Tekuma MK attorney Betzalel Smotrich when he voted against the bill when it was put forward most recently by Likud in Knesset, breaching party discipline. If I recall the bill was defeated by a vote of 42 to either 41 or 40. In other words attorney Betzalel Smotrich single handedly prevented the disaster such a bill would present to citizens rights.

"They have all gone insane. And this is further proof that "Jewish Home" is anything but! If parents don't hit the streets over this bill, then they are also nuts because they could wake up one day and find that the state takes away their child because they did not listen to the child's worldview. Good G-d, please save us from ourselves! And coming from this MK, wow what another trojan horse.

"Very scary! Its a communist law. Very easily a court can decide that a parent "is not able to educate the child according the democratic (..) rules of society" ( the court will decide by itself whatever those rules may be ) and take it away from the parents…

"to respect of the basic rights of all human beings regardless of race, sex, religion, nationality or origin.”Will this mean that the state will have to take a lot of Arab children away from their parents since a lot are being educated to hate and kill Jews?”

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Neshama said...

"Our son is young and he has nowhere to stay but his parents' house," the mother wrote to the embassy, "he is in administrative detention so we can't fight it through any of the regular legal channels.

"As the body responsible for protecting the rights of your citizens, even if they live in Israel, we request that you inquire and find out how the basic rights of a minor can be so easily violated, and help us secure his basic right to live in his home".

A hearing is scheduled today (Sunday) in the Petah Tikva Magistrates Court, in the matter of the ongoing investigation against the boy for suspected anti-Arab activity, and the issue of the maintenance of his rights and due process. He will be represented by Attorney Hai Haber of the 'Honenu' organization. This organization is dedicated to ensuring that due process is respected in investigations such as these. All details of the allegations against the teen are classified, and held by the Shin-Bet security agency.


Neshama said...

One commenter online said it well:

This is not only a human rights scandal but worse because he's a minor! It turned out in the Duma affair, for instance, that young people were held in administrative detention without charges, tortured, prevented from seeing their parents and found innocent!
I'd like to know why our new justice minister isn't speaking against this grave injustice!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this vital information. Proves who/what is running the country, H' yerachem. The work of the ?.
Strange how such evil has taken hold in the holiest country on earth. Two extremes, holy and l'havdil, evil. Only holiness can win over such evil!