22 June 2016

From the Se’er of Israel: Words of Comfort and Hope

Each word of the following is tremendous, and prophetic. Read this and open your eyes to hear, and open your heart to receive the message

Father of Mercy, Father of the Holy Land and the Jews: 

The Creator of the Universe loves the Jews more than anyone else; He gave them the Torah as a gift and Shabbat as a gift.

At Mount Sinai the Jews said "we will do and we will obey," and the Holy One, Blessed is He chose them to manage the world forever and ever, for all eternity.

Anyone that wants to bother Israel and take parts away of the Holy Land of Israel will be messing with [the] Master of [the] Universe.

 The Creator of the Universe is bringing complications to all of the countries that want to take away parts of Israel, the Holy Land.

 It is not just that no one will be able to take away parts, it is that they will experience a downfall with the Holy One Blessed is He.

 Even Gush Katif will be returned to Israel.

Egypt and France are delusional. They want to get rid of the Muslim refugees, the Palestinians, Hamas and ISIS and want to take away parts of the Land of Israel in order to create a Palestinian state. They are next in line to receive tough strikes from the Master of the Universe.

 They started a war with the Holy One, Blessed is He, and no one has ever in the world won who is against Him.

European countries will continue to be filled with millions of refugees so that the Jews from Europe and the USA will have to come to the Holy Land of Israel.

If they don't understand with their mind, the Creator of the Universe will use force. If they will not understand with force, He will use more force.

Exile ended in 1948 and the Jews abroad are ‘grinding water,’ they are there for no reason, they must come and live in the Holy Land, in the Negev, Galilee, Golan Heights, Samaria, and Binyamin, and help their brothers in the Holy Land.

Israel grows a centimeter every day! 
You better believe it!

The entire world knows that the Creator of the Universe gave the Jews wisdom and knowledge so that the world will need us and will want to be with the Jews in the Land of Israel to get advice. The Jews in Israel are the small seed that gives great life to the world!

In the Holy Land are the graves of our fathers and mothers, our mother Rachel, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, Rabbi Meir Ba'al Hanes, Baba Sali, Rabbi Hiya, Rabbi Akiva – the world greats. The souls of all of the righteous that died outside of Israel come to the Cave of Patriarchs after a year. Just like Jacob that didn't want to be buried in the unholy land of Egypt, and Joseph's coffin that was drowned in the Nile.

All of the righteous reach the Cave of Patriarchs with the fathers. Whoever is wise and knowledgeable understands this, and whoever isn't will soon understand.

The Holy One, Blessed is He will decide who is elected; and, after a President is elected - remember this well, write it down –

The Creator of the Universe will make him expel all of the Jews living in the USA.

Source: The Absolute Truth and I believe this IS the absolute truth whether you want to believe it or not.

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