26 June 2009

From the Letters of The Rebbe

Excerpts from Letters of The Rebbe

“A Jewish person should put his or her faith only in G-d, the Creator and Master of the world, who guides all its destinies, who Is the Healer of the sick and the Source of Good.

“Because G-d is good, He wants everybody, and Jews especially, to be happy. It happens, however, that we, with our fleshy eyes, cannot see and understand His ways. But we must be firm in our faith that only good can come from the good G-d, and that the good will become apparent eventually.”

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“At a gathering shortly before his passing, the Previous Rebbe's father, Rabbi Sholom DovBer Schneersohn, also known as the Rebbe Rashab (1860-1920), turned to his only son and soon to be successor and said “I am going to Heaven, and my writings I leave for you.”

Question: Isn't it obvious that when one passes away they go to Heaven and their writings remain in this earthly realm? What was the Rebbe Rashab's intention?

This can be understood by understanding the role of the Rebbe. If we look at the first Jewish leader, Moshe, we see before he left this world he asked the Almighty to appoint a new leader. Simply put, he could not leave his people bereft of leadership. This indicates that the mark of true Jewish leadership is to always care about the flock and reassure them that he will always be there to intercede on their behalf.

This is the meaning of the words of the Rebbe Rashab to his son prior to his passing, “I am going to Heaven and my writings I leave for you.” The Rashab's writings, the Torah that he taught, were where he had invested his essence. By reminding his son that he was leaving him his writings, he was reminding him that we wasn't really leaving because he was still to be found in his writings. On the contrary, his ascent on High with his passing represented an opportunity for him to achieve even more on behalf of his flock as he would no longer be encumbered by this physical world.

Concludes the Rebbe: This indicates that when a Rebbe passes away one should not lose their spirit. Undoubtedly, the Rebbe's effectiveness and ability to fulfill his role are better than ever.”

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