18 February 2017

Jacob’s Sheep are Thriving!

I’m so happy to bring another new report on Jacob’s Sheep, now living happily in Eretz Yisrael.

'After bleating a path to Israel, Jacob’s sheep frolic in new homeWith flock’s 5,000-year exile and difficult quarantine beset by rains behind them, biblical sheep are baaaack in the Holy Land." The following is from TimesofIsrael. I thank the online news site for keeping us in touch with these most adorable shepselle.

"Now, as the sun shines over the Jerusalem mountains, the sheep playfully butt heads with each other and sniff at visitors’ pockets for treats, the difficult journey seemingly forgotten.

“When we first got out of the desert [quarantine], everything was so overwhelming it didn’t sink in that we were really in Israel,” said Jenna Lewinsky. “The next day we walked in the Judean Hills, from here you can see all the way to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and even Gaza. We felt that we saw the footprint of God’s miracle. Every day when I wake up it feels like we’re living the dream,” she said.

"That’s partly because their bedroom window looks into the barn, so sheep impatient for their breakfast act as an alarm clock by bumping the glass with their nose and baa-ing pitifully until someone gets up to feed them.

“There is a mystical bond between the Jewish people and these sheep, they bring so much joy to everyone who visits,” said Gil Lewinsky. Gil Lewinsky sometimes reads parts of the Torah to his flock, kneeling down among the ovines and making sure no curious onlookers try to nibble pages of the holy books.”

Read full article at the link above.

The Jerusalem Post has an article, Returning to Their Land by Seth Frantzman, in the weekend In Jerusalem section; however, to find it online one has to go through several titles to find it, and then they want you to pay to read the article. Don’t they realize it was first in the TimesofIsrael online? How foolish.

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