20 November 2016

Recent Post by Meir Ettinger in Google (?) Translation

Below is a Google Translation (they’re getting better at this) except for the title which I do not think they got correctly as it is a play on worlds (so Israeli). If anyone would like to add their understanding to this, please comment. Words obviously not correct are in [brackets]:

Actually a bit difficult to follow what is happening regarding the evacuation of Amona, and not just simply understand who's who and what a good solution for the Jews. But Amona is really not the problem may be the tip of the iceberg, as the day-to-day without the court and the image of right-wing government prefers to hide the policy the establishment of a Palestinian state secret, and prefer no pictures destruction on the television, there is no need for the destruction of communities and [handbags], which for [breakout and grip] throughout the country

The last five years under the Netanyahu government (and Bennett) [variance] did not stop for a moment evictions and demolitions young outposts [1] brutally cut down all the starters and any attempt of planting root and expanding the boundaries of the settlement, and in fact was not built even one new community.

Instead, we hear all the time talking about "change" policy "overall solution" and sovereignty, words are progressing, particularly in light of evacuations are planned (such as [speech H"msirot soul  ] of Bennett, intended to reject the criticism that he supported the agreement the evacuation of the Shiloh industrial zone, since for now he caved to the pressure, and who knows what the next day). All these words are true and good, certainly needed a real policy change and that the solution of [cutout] Amona are offered at best as a Band-Aid on a hemorrhaging deep.

But in fact talk of [Tall High] are meant to cover the lack of action and negative action on the ground. I mean, surely they said out whole heart, really object's connection with Israel on the ground, but the test of faith, a test entry to Israel is impossible to settle the sovereignty from the top, 'rules', must enter to Israel and be ready to stand the test information, test the significance and special value [Regev and Regev] all areas of the Holy land,

All he needs to elaborate.

Not by chance, it is also related to the issue of Amona real - Are there private lands of the gentiles in Israel? Unfortunately a lot of excuses were made why should not destroy the Amona - some stranger some interwoven less (and some of them really stand out in opposition to the Torah) but have not heard statement is clear and obvious that the Land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel and therefore does not belong owning any foreign-robber in the country of the Jews.

Can we talk a lot about our right to the land, but the real test - a test entry to Israel is a test of private land, Do we really believe that the land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel in every detail, and not only 'rules'? Is this just an abstract concept, and 'The Rules' that stand the test of reality and within the law (Torah law, of course …)?

About 50% of the land in Judea and Samaria are the land known as 'private' (of foreigners), without a settlement by expropriation (originally) of these lands, there is no way to control the field, let alone outposts and at strategic points - without ruling upon the test of private land-test information to enable free settlement and termination of private [Hgzlh] "Arabs have no meaning to have sovereignty has no implications on the ground but talk  higher high ".

The thing to know even those who established the settlements and refrained from building (almost every town and village) deliberately (usually public buildings), also Amona was built connivance of many individuals and government entities that were not naive about the status of the land, but believed that it belongs to the Jews even when they do not dare say so directly, and instead selected methods and twisted intrigues that led us into a situation where we are today. But today, after we saw where [wisecrack] leader - now is the time to decide the test details.

The test information crucial area in particular, from the bottom. Settling the country not only examined the application of sovereignty but rather actually conquering the land, inheritance nations of the earth for all mountain and hill or like that Joshua said, "how far do you [relax] inherit the land which gave you the God of your fathers."

More depth - the struggle for Greater Israel occupied all the details, when we already live in Israel, and even a sovereign Jewish state we have (and even have a settlement in Judea and Samaria) So what raises and lowers another village and less hill? Greater Israel is understanding how the rule should every detail.

further! Without the expense …

And in fact - a little hard to hold the head of all [incarnations], tricks and politics around corners (G-d forbid) Amona Z, and not so worthwhile and right (and also not profitable experience, next time [Belin d] manage all the general struggle of the residents back Amona.

But the main thing is to take from the test this private insights to renew the power of innocence and raids in the locality of the country all on and on without accounts unnecessary, understanding what it is, whether Amona will be removed (G-d forbid) and if not, whether it will pass a law regulation and whether no, the country was still much to possess.

Even if we believe (for some reason) our words of Bennett that he was going to sacrifice the sovereignty (the Area C of course ...) and whether we will be a little less optimistic. Whether there is any truth in Sabra Bibi really want to expand the settlements and in total do exercises Americans and sea if all nonsense [dress] - all this is irrelevant to us - that fear the Lord, for all those for whom the main thing is the US - States with the country, and the United States with giving the country.

For us, the main thing is to continue to break out, to keep the network without the expense and they get into trouble with the bills ...

And a little more fact - the real battle over Amona and every community of the country if we win it will be decided precisely in the details, if we invest our strength in establishing more hills around Amona now destroyed evacuation [throats] (and a belief true and accurate), and adhering to the truth 'There is no Arab land ", finally decided how continuing battle, talk about it in great [  ]

100% Jewish.

Test information is expressed now concerning the private land of the Amona settlement. But in fact this is the most important question when talking about a Jewish state.

All day talking about Jewish identity, or a Jewish and democratic state. But who reads the article of Ayelet Shaked (or alternatively the concepts indicator Citizenship Studies), will reveal speaking Jewish identity is an abstract concept that is reflected in the test information, so that you can speak loftily on strengthening Jewish identity and practice continue to embrace the alien culture.

The essence of the Jew is that it is related to G-d in every detail of his life tying his shoes in the morning to work and his business during the day, so well explained piously nature of the Jews is to sacrifice, martyrdom is defined by it up on behalf of and knowledge, who delivers the soul does not make [Sikolims] the viability but acts decisively and without [Fsrot.bmsirot] clear such settlements in the West Bank breached the way, that's how we win the cows through to have sovereignty throughout the nation, the only way to be truly Jewish state here.

If we really want a Jewish state, not just "Judaism" in general and assimilated details need to sacrifice on every detail, on every hill and hill and identity of every Jew.

[1] Those who want to get accurate data can receive e-mail

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