24 November 2016

North Dakota Pipeline Report #3

North Dakota Pipeline Report #3
North Dakota Tribal Gathering in Protest to the construction of an Oil Pipeline

The Prophecy and how it possibly relates to NIBIRU (A spiritual thing that is going to take place). Lakota Spiritual Leader David Swallow speaks of the prophecies of Crazy Horse, how to prepare for the coming changes and being connected.


In the case of the North Dakota Access Pipeline, sacred ancestral land and clean drinking water is at stake. In the case of the Yawanawá, two million square miles of rainforest in the Amazon are now under threat from deforestation. Both tribes are at odds with the dominant economic system.

The goal to pass on the Yawanawá language is intentional because it contains a relationship unique to their land base. There is a documented correlation between the number of human languages present in an ecosystem, and the number of thriving animal and plant species. According to National Geographic, one language dies every 14 days. By the next century, nearly half of the roughly 7,000 languages spoken on Earth will likely disappear, as communities abandon native tongues in favor of English, Mandarin, Spanish or in the case of the Yawanawá, Portuguese. What more is lost when a language is exterminated?

What is transpiring at the North Dakota Access pipeline is a battle of mindsets. A battle of narratives. The worldview of the Yawanawá, and of the tribes unified around the North Dakota Access Pipeline are unique. Their conflict is urgent. They are protesting—and performing—for their lives. Observer.com

*The “Elders” of the Tribes relate a story about a catastrophe foretold, and their taking a stand is to protect the waterways and the natural environment so that AFTER THIS CATASTROPHE (NIBIRU) there will be fresh water for the people. (Black Snake Prophecy)

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Anonymous said...

Just another bit of evidence how this is a repeat of the Tower of Babel.
H' destroyed their plans then and now will again.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating video. The native Indians speak the language of the spiritual world and they hit the mark.