22 February 2008

There is NO JERUSALEM Without the Holy Temple!

How does it go … Nero [Olmert] fiddles while Rome [Israel] Burns [Divides] !

“There is no Jerusalem without the Holy Temple, … It is impossible to speak about Jerusalem without mentioning even once the Holy Temple.”

The Jerusalem Conference held a discussion on Jerusalem’s future:
INNews [portions with my editorializing]

One Voice speaking Reality: Journalist Nadav Shragai


“The neighborhoods … between the Jewish French Hill and Arab Sheikh Jarrah are but a few of those that are to be relinquished in an agreement reached by this government,” … “The routes leading to Mt. Scopus and neighborhoods like Pisgat Ze’ev, Neve Ya’akov and Har Homa ARE BEING NEGOTIATED – whether they will have to be accessed via tunnels or covered roads.”

… “Jewish neighborhoods are but a few hundred meters from the Arab ones that would become part of a sovereign Arab state. “… proximity … leave[s] them vulnerable to attack, even by light weaponry - which is possessed by every Palestinian faction.”

…“It is reasonable to assume that ATTACKS WILL CONTINUE even after a final agreement.”

…”Palestinians will not give up on the "Right to Return" – including in Jerusalem. They have documented all the pre-’48 properties and plan on standing by these demands.”

…“The press – of which I am a part – is neglecting to ask the tough questions about the division of Jerusalem,”

Then Demographer Yoram Ettinger went even further … presenting his findings that the birth rate of Jews and Arabs in Jerusalem has in fact already reached parity – with an UPWARD TREND FOR JEWS and DOWNWARD FOR ARABS. “Anyone who believes that relinquishing the Arab neighborhoods will have any demographic benefit is detached from reality,” he said.

“The way Jerusalem is being negotiated personifies the unethical nature of this government,” said Danny Dayan, the new head of the Yesha Council … “Even before Annapolis, the Olmert government obviously put Jerusalem on the table, conceding at least the CLINTON parameters to the PA.”

… the Olmert government is completely willing to lie to the faces of the populace – knowing that the citizenry knows full well they are being lied to – personifies the unethical nature of the current government.

JERUSALEM WITHOUT THE HOLY TEMPLE IS NOT JERUSALEM: Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, the founder of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem spoke about his experience …. “Once we liberated the area, I saw the Prime Minister, the president and all sorts of dignitaries entering the Temple Mount. But where did they head? To the Kotel. We arrive at the Temple Mount after 2,000 years – and where did we go? And the Torah world was fully complicit in this – it was not just Moshe Dayan and the government. Humiliation. Complete humiliation.

* * * * *

Unethical! Absurd! Humiliating!

US Senators Promise: Israel will receive weapons

Senator Lieberman said that today's terrorists are "every bit as fanatical and murderous as the fascists and the communists that we faced and defeated in the last century."

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK)
"As the second ranking member of the Senate Arms Services Committee, let me assure you that we are going to continue with our strong support," … Israel will be receiving $2.34 billion in military aid… "should anticipate" acquiring 10,000 Joint Attack Missiles (J-DAMs), 2,000 Precision Penetrating bombs and 1,000 Hellfire missiles. He said these are the weapons necessary for Israel to do "the things that you need to do for our mutual protection in the Middle East." [Oh, does this mean that Israel has to save the US and the Whole World from Iran???]

Senator Lieberman (I-Conn)
Senator Lieberman said that the war on terrorism is a global one, … "the fight revolves … around Jerusalem." …

My Questions Are:

Is Israel supposed to use these state of the art weapons
in self-defense against the muslim neighbors
shooting at [G.od forbid] Meah Shearim or Rehavia or Neve Yaakov
after Yerushalayim is divided?

And then Lieberman adds salve to his political speech:
“… on the other side of the struggle are millions of people "who want the same basic things as the rest of us." This "silenced majority," he added, would pick "freedom over fear, hope over hatred, justice over tyranny,"

So I guess that’s why Defense Minister Barak tells the world that “Israel doesn’t actually need any land, we can freely give it away, because land is no defense against missles….” An excellent piece by Akiva on the absurd extremes - Absurdity - of a FEW politicians making the decisions for ALL THE JEWS in the world on Yerushalayim.

Does this mean instead of a “chicken in every pot,”
Israel will have an

Am I Reassured? Should the Israeli Citizens be Assured?

Abbas Nixes PA Declaration of Statehood vs. ZOA President: Mahmoud Abbas is a Fraud

Gan HaPaamon is becoming Little Ramallah!


But please let us not be silent,
we can do something to show Shamayim that we are not silent
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