14 February 2008

Moshiach Tzidkeinu is Crouching at the Gate


R. Chanina bar Papa: Hashem wanted to put a measure (limit) to Yerushalayim

The angels protested: You did not put a measure to cities of Nochrim, will You put a measure to Yerushalayim, that contains Your name, Your Mikdash and Tzadikim?

When Hashem wanted to measure Yerushalayim, the angels protested on the grounds - that if cities of gentile countries do not have boundaries, then why should the city that contains Hashem's Name - the Beis-Hamikdash and the Tzadikim be limited by boundaries?

Hashem responded by telling the Navi to run after the lad - to convey to him the message that Yerushalayim was to remain without boundaries, and that it would be full of people and animals.

If only Shas would quit the government, and let the Divine Proceedings begin.

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