11 February 2008

Who is a Wise Man? … One Who Can See What is Being Born [Tamid 32(a)]

Sharing some thoughts with you. This is serious and everyone is asleep.

Nava does not want to scare anyone, and neither do I, however, at what point do you admit that you see the handwriting on the

Maybe everyone should begin informing their loved ones and friends. So many things are quietly going on in the background of our busy lives while we are blindly focused on family matters, school, work, shopping (?), and a myriad of other things that use up every minute of our days.

May I humbly suggest a visit to the following:

redemption5768 and listen to the 13th installment (audio) or even all of them; they are amazing.

Geula B'Rachamim
video and pamphlet by Rabbi Pinchas Winston.

Yated (Parshas Teruma issue), page 3 editorial "Friday Night at the Kosel" that continues on page 48, with some pictures of Yerushalayim, City of Yearning, on page 49! And also last week's Yated article by Rabbi Yitzchok Tzvi Schwarz, "Why Are We Sleeping?"

The Eisav’s of the world together with the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Israel are [and have been since Pres. Bush visited] “discussing” with Yishmael’s so-called representative in Ramallah how to carve up the Holiest Jewish City on Earth.

Is it any wonder that:

The Bush Financial and Economic Bust of 2008 - The Destruction of Capital / Economic Depression Feb 07, 2008

A simple peak at Yahoo News produced the following:

Frankfurt Stock Exchange in January 2008. World stockmarkets lost 5.2 trillion dollars (3.6 trillion euros) in January thanks to the fallout from the US subprime crisis and fears of a global economic slowdown, Standard & Poor's said. (AFP/DDP/File/Thomas Lohnes)

World bourses lost 5.2 trillion dlrs in January: credit rater AFP - Sat Feb 9, 11:54 AM PARIS (AFP) - World stockmarkets lost 5.2 trillion dollars (3.6 trillion euros) in January thanks to the fallout from the US subprime crisis and fears of a global economic slowdown, Standard & Poor's said Saturday.

NEW YORK (AFP) - Global stock markets were walloped with a collective loss of 5.2 trillion dollars in the month of January as investors scurried for cover in the face of economic uncertainty, a report showed Friday.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating how banks, credit rating firms and lenders valued and disclosed complex mortgage-backed securities that ultimately led to the subprime crisis, a top agency enforcer said on Saturday.

NEW YORK (AFP) - US stock markets tumbled heavily in the week to Friday, giving Wall Street a fresh battering, despite Congress granting a green light to a giant economic stimulus package sought by the White House.

Wall Street stocks were mixed on Friday as a modest rebound in the technology sector was overshadowed by heightened fears of corporate and commercial property credit defaults.

Japan stocks fall on option-led selling AP - Fri Feb 8, 4:56 AM ET
TOKYO - Japanese stocks fell Friday as investors sold stocks to settle futures options, with many buyers remaining on the sidelines ahead of talks among the finance chiefs of the Group of Seven industrialized countries.


I went to the FDIC website to find out for myself.

Failures in 2007 were 3 the entire year, and so far in 2008, there has already been one in January. Years 2005 and 2006 there were none, but in 2003 there were eleven. Is this a normal thing, like any other business, to fold up while holding people’s money?

And now in Brooklyn, on thirteenth avenue [in the middle of a very hard-working and hard-learning religious community] there is yet another BANK opening to collect the Jewish money in exchange for all sorts of free enticements.

There are so many banks (maybe as many as one on every block, if not two) on this little stretch of shopping area that it makes one suspect that something is going on behind the financial doors of this country to cause just about one representative from each of the big banks to come to a Jewish neighborhood to entice Jewish money to perhaps bolster their drooping financial standing?

Sound far-fetched? Give it some deep hard thought.

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