08 February 2008

Not Your Ordinary Politician


Moshe Rabbeinu ztk"l

Born the 7th of Adar of the year 2368 from creation (1393 BCE)
He led the Jewish nation out of Egypt in the year 2448, when he was eighty years old.

In that same year, the Jewish people received the Torah through Moshe Rabbeinu at Sinai.
The Torah teaches that Moshe Rabbeinu was both the greatest prophet in history (Devarim 34:10) and the most humble person in history (Bemidbar 12:3).

Moshe was the one to confront Pharaoh and deliver the warnings of the Ten Plagues.
At Hashem’s command, he miraculously split the Yam Suf (the Reed Sea) on the seventh day after the Exodus. The miracle food, mann, fell in his merit the entire forty years that Moshe led the Jewish people in the desert. Moshe went up Mount Sinai to accept the Torah on our behalf, on Shabbos, the sixth day of Sivan, in the year 2448.

Moshe taught us the entire Torah and led the nation for forty years in the desert until he passed away at the age of 120, in the year 2488. The Revelation at Sinai was the most dramatic scene in the annals of world history. All Jews witnessed Hashem’s presence on the mountaintop and heard Him teaching us the Ten Commandments.

One-Minute History Lessons - Six Millennia of Great Jewish Leaders
by Rabbi Moshe Goldberger [www.targum.com]


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joshb said...

This should make a difference: http://www.jhwh.be
- Most countries would become true democracies,
- The job market will become (much more) fair because of worker power over businesses,
- investment democratically controlled and (Torah law) non-profit rather then for-profit,
- distribution of natural resources (equal power between market actors leads to more fair prices),
- new constitution example for all countries, particularly Israel (as a "light/example" for the other nations.

Some other stuff: how to implement it all (various schemes depending on circumstances), why moral behavior is a natural occurance and our future (corrected Darwinism), computer program to make democracy verifyable & efficient.

See http://www.jhwh.be/party/nl/david-we/chart.en.html
for quick comparison economic system with other models, including Torah.

You asked, hence you run the risk of getting an answer, hope you don't mind ! This is it I'm afraid, hope you like it. As usual real changes will presumably come through the women, since the men usually only lose themselves in bickering. Only when the women agree does real change happen, see past revolutions. best regards, jos

By the way: the Torah law is a fine system, only you need to have a reliable priesthood because there is no democratic control. Presumably Israel was not capable of democratic control, witniss how quick it went into rebellion. Hopefully now Israel is capable of democratic control to keep the state in line.

Please considder my work as a solution, thank you !