12 March 2008

Dearest Fellow Jews

A Letter from Yerushalayim sent to an frum news blog (www.vosizneias.com)

Dearest Fellow “Charedi” Jews,

As I sit here in my Yerushalayim apartment, a week has passed since this tragedy has occurred. I cannot help but echo the solemn words of one student at Merkaz Harav, “ Klal Yisroel and Eretz Yisroel have had their hearts ripped out”. This feeling of helplessness and sadness has affected so many of us during the last week. The Jewish people lost eight stars, eight future leaders, and countless generations of our own. But as a “Yeshiva Guy” I feel like I lost something else. I have lost my pride.

Following the heart-wrenching levaya I proceeded to a main thoroughfare in Geulah. The mood had suddenly changed. Only several blocks away from where this massacre occurred, festive Adar music was playing and people were going about their business like any other day. The regular Levaya and Tznius posters were posted on the walls, but something was missing. It was as if everyone had already forgotten about the eight Kedoshim who were slaughtered only hours before.

Teenage boys who were brutally murdered as they sat in the Beis Medrash were
suddenly as anonymous as ever. All of this in a neighborhood where numerous grown men spend countless hours each week protesting and promoting vital matters such as “Mehadrin” buses . Where has all of our Ahavas Yisroel gone? Were these boys any less pure than our own because they wore different colored Yarmulka’s? I’m not suggesting that everybody tear their clothes and prostrate themselves on the floors, but a little respect was due. R’ Elyashiv and the Belzer Rebbe attended the Levaya, where were you?

Isn’t it time that we put all of our petty politics aside and get our priorities in order? Yes, we may represent UTJ, NRP, and Agudah, don’t we all learn from the same Torah? At times it may seem that we are far apart ideologically, but our goals are mostly local. It is at tragic times like these that Klal Yisroel must unite.



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May I suggest some additional reading:


  • The Power of Land

  • A Bit of Emes Leaks Out:
  • A brief interview right after the terrorist attack with the hero who killed the arab mass murderer. What's significant is his statement that the weapon used by the 'palestinian' slaughterer of innocent children was given to him by Israeli President Shimon Peres. This is a brief moment of truth leaking out onto the mainstream news. Dozens protest against Peres in France, call to 'eliminate Israel' http://www.jpost.com/headlines

    Let it be clearly stated, the weapon used by the US Funded Fatah Terrorist Movement member was provided to the US Backed Fatah Based Palestinian Authority by then Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres at the urging of the US State Department.

    It should be noted that since making this blatantly truthful statement, the hero of the
    Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva massacre has been banned from the news. No awards, no recognition, no interviews, no kovod, at least not in this world. But here at Mystical Paths we say, Kol HaKavod and Tizku l'Mitzvot. He saved tens to hundreds of lives that night!

    If you want to know whyYitzchak Dadon, the hero who killed the terrorist at Mercaz HaRav is not being mentioned in some of the latest news reports.

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