12 March 2008

Venahapochu Doubled and Redoubled

A Greater Public Alert to be Heard Around the World –
When the next President is Sworn In –
The following could become the situation for the Jews in America:

“Now there arose a new king … who knew not Yosef. And he said unto his people … Come, let us deal wisely with them ….” And as our Pesach Haggadah states, and the Zohar relates “… and then the back-breaking work began.”

Could this back-breaking work be the method to achieve our final teshuva before the Geula?

Since the VietNam War, morality in the US has been disintegrating, and the mighty efforts of the Founding Fathers of America are being stripped away, one by one.

You might say, “What is this … to me?” [remember the wicked son?]

Barack Hussein Obama has come out in favor of mishkav zachar. We know the other candidate already openly supports this. As a famous radio personality says, Liberalism is a mental disorder.

I believe it is an insult to the Al-mighty to support by voting openly and willingly for the election of those who are tearing a benevolent country into tiny pieces. Our Holy Rabbis from previous generations [I believe] would not advocate supporting leaders who advocate a myriad lack of values which are eroding the Jewish life of our people. Why assist them in destroying Jewish Life in America?

It saddens me immensely to see certain organizations asking the Jewish People to Vote for politicians who represent this disintegration of Jewish Life in America. What was is no more!

Recently, there was a

Call to “Get Out the Vote” Heard Around the Country – March 4, 2008: A Public Alert to Our Fellow Jews in Our Country, The United States of America. Gedolei Torah of previous generations have already proclaimed that every Jewish person should participate and vote in elections held in our benevolent country… First, it is incumbent on us to be concerned about the interests of our fellow Jews … we have merited to see great accomplishments, etc … .

To this I say:

Our leaders who are supposed to be endowed with historical vision should be able to see that the America we live in now is not the America that once was moral and upstanding, with religious values that seemingly nourished a wholesome family-life and world-outlook that was conducive as a society for Jews to live in. That is why Hashem put us here.

But the “Get Out the Vote” says to be “concerned for your fellow Jew” (politically) – And I say be concerned for those who are not yet shomer Torah U’Mitzvos, those who are being wounded emotionally by members of Am Yisroel, those who are being rocketed out of their homes in Sderot, those who may lose their homes in Yerushalayim NO MATTER HOW THEY PRACTICE THEIR JUDAISM – they are still Jews in G.od’s Eyes.

It speaks of “accomplishments” we’ve made? I call many of those accomplishments purely an obsession for a level of gashmius that rivals ancient Persia, that is creating inertia among some men in learning [a lack of challenge, a bren, an endearment for the Torah], laxity in Choshen Mishpat, breaches in family purity, adoption of the idolatry of the US $$$, white-collar inmates, bewilderment among the youth across ALL sectors of Am Yisrael, weakening of modesty and family values without the faintest idea what that means! Where are our leaders? The young generations are victims of the blindness of our present leaders and educators. Where have our leaders gone?

“the single greatest ally of the Jewish nation … protecting it from the 70 wolves …”
I’m sorry to disagree, but this nation is helping the 70 nations maintain their status vis-à-vis the umbilical cord attached to the oil rich nations, and are the main protagonist in this Greek tragedy of egging on Israel’s suicidal leaders.

They ask us to have “Hakoras Hatov” - to whom?? What happened to Hashem? We need Hakoras Hatov to our Creator who gave us Chukim & Mishpatim to live by and the Avos to breathe by. That’s true HaKoras Hatov and not lipservice to politicians.

Could it be that the Jews in America have been duped into believing that the U.S. has the best interests of Israel in mind when they deny the self-defense of Jews being lobbed rockets and grads upon their homes, and deny them retribution when their children are murdered. But the murderer’s family can fly flags of death in celebration. Jews have become accomplices [chas v’sholem] in their own decimation. It’s a very skillful adaptation of a Greek tragedy (by a modern titus). The manner in which the US Government compels Israel’s Jews to comply with their own undoing is Venahapochu doubled and redoubled.

“Let no one free himself from that obligation…his individual voice can make no difference…” Contrary to what they mean here, each individual Jew can make a mighty difference by NOT voting for immorality and policies that are unraveling Jewish life in America and in Israel!

“May Hashem guard us and save us” … save us from our own undoing. If you vote against immorality by NOT VOTING FOR THEIR REPRESENTATIVES, “All the nations of the land will see that In G.od We (the Jews) Trust, not in the falling idol of the US Dollar. Let’s put this idol to rest, let’s return to the moderation of the Rambam zt”l.

Making a Kiddush Hashem would be better than relying on any politician or anyone who says voting for immorality is the right way. Politics is unsavory business, and when Jews are involved they usually get muddied. We need to extricate ourselves from the idol of gashmius and return to the modest ways of our forefathers.

It’s only a matter of time …. The World is in Total Chaos

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