05 June 2017

NEW YORK: Beautifully Created, Realistic, Scary

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two°C - New-York City from Claire&Max on Vimeo.

To read about the making of this Video visit menilmonde. Amazing.


Emunah said...

Global warning not global warming. It's an atheistic arrogance that drives one to conclude that weather/earth changes are man-made. They are G-d made.

GoldieZP said...

Wow! amazingly real. could very well happen and yet another reason to get out of dodge and go home to Israel, Neshama

Anonymous said...

I do not believe in global warming or climate change. Total sheker. This is global !WARNING! by the creator of the world! This damage that occurs does not emanate from man's carbon footprint , but from the nonstop output of spiritual filth into the world. When G-d is removed from picture anything is permissible. And so it has become, G-d help us!


Neshama said...

I agree Anon. And Carbon is necessary for the blooming of earth. Therefore, the globalists are actually in the process of destroying the earth!